Beach Camping

Q. What do we do in case of rain or severe weather?

A. The safety of our campers is of utmost importance to Morey’s Piers.  Please take a moment to read this section carefully, so you will have a complete understanding of what to do in case severe weather occurs during your event. Keep in mind that most events may still be underway even if conditions for camping are not ideal.
Prior to the start of the event: We suggest that you check our website prior to leaving home for the event. You can also call the weather hotline at 609.729.3700 ext. 1887 for weather updates.
In the event of light or sporadic rain, campers may set up camp on the beach, and the amusement rides and waterparks will open as long as conditions are safe.  If we experience heavy rain, the event may be temporarily postponed until the weather clears and rides may also temporarily close.  You may want to consider moving your tent to high ground on the beach (stay clear of areas where the water pools), or move your group to a local hotel (select a back-up hotel – or make a hotel reservation -- prior to arriving at Morey’s Piers, for a complete listing of motels in the Wildwoods, go to
If severe weather occurs, such as a thunderstorm, you may be asked to evacuate the beach and take shelter in your car.  If your car is within walking distance, calmly walk your entire group to the shelter of your vehicle(s).  Or, if your car is a far distance from the beach, pre-select one or more drivers to go and get your vehicles and pick up your group at the loading/unloading zone at Schellenger and Ocean Avenue or the street end nearest your camp site. Once you pick up your group, you must move your car to another location to wait out the storm.  Remain in your car until the severe weather passes.  Do not take shelter under the boardwalk.
Once the severe weather has passed, you may return to your tents on the beach. Please listen for any special announcements over the Morey’s Piers PA system, or from the Wildwood Police, as you return to your tents.

Q. Can we bring our own food and coolers on the beach?

A. You are permitted to bring coolers and food supplies into the camping area.  However, alcohol is prohibited.  Campers are expected to clean their campsite completely upon departure. Please leave the beach in the condition in which it was found.

Q. Is swimming in the ocean allowed?

A. Swimming without a lifeguard present is not permitted.  Lifeguards are on duty Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, 10 am till 5 pm.  Ocean swimming is at your own risk.  Children should never be allowed to swim in the ocean unless supervised by an adult with a lifeguard present.

Q. Are there quiet hours in the camp area?

A. Yes! Please observe quiet hours in the camping area from midnight to 7:00 a.m.

Q. Is overnight security provided in the camping area?

A.  Morey’s Piers works closely with the Wildwood Police Department to ensure the safety of our guests. Wildwood Police officers patrol the beach camping area between dusk and dawn.  When you register for this event, you will receive a pennant flag that must be secured to the outside of your tent.  This flag identifies you as being a registered guest of the event.  If the flag is not visible on your tent, you will be asked to pack up and leave the camping area.

Q. Where do we unload our camping gear?

A. The loading zone is located at the intersection of Schellenger Avenue and Ocean Avenue. You may park your vehicle to unload; however, you MAY NOT leave your vehicle unattended.  Plan to unload your gear, have a driver go and park your vehicle, and then meet your group at the street end or on the beach.  The same rules apply to departure.  Vehicles are NOT permitted on the beach. Morey’s Piers staff will be available at the unloading zone to help direct you to the camping area.

Q. Are campsites pre-assigned?

A. Morey’s Piers does not assign specific campsites.  Posts and flags define the camp area.  Please do not set up camp in the emergency access roads in the camp area. You’ll notice the camp area is set up in a grid pattern allowing for safe walkways and emergency vehicle traffic only.

Q. Are campfires or cooking equipment permitted on the beach?

A. Sorry, but open flames, propane, kerosene stoves and lanterns are strictly prohibited on the beach (this is a City of Wildwood law).

Q. What camping supplies do I need to bring?

A. You must bring your own tent, sleeping bags, pillows, rain tarp, flashlights and radio (for weather updates) .  We recommend bringing either sand spikes or plastic zip lock bags which can be filled with sand and placed inside your tent to secure it.  The beach can be very windy, and tents that are not secured can blow away.  Be sure to bring rain gear, just in case.

Q. What amenities are available to campers?

A. Morey’s Piers provides restroom trailers, port-a-potties and portable sinks around the perimeter of the camping area. There are showers available in Raging Waters waterpark and for some events shower trailers are set up on the beach.

Q. Where is the beach camping located?

A. The camping area is located between Mariner’s Landing on Schellenger Ave. and Adventure Pier on Spencer Ave. (a four block section of beach).  To help you get your bearings - the ocean is to the east, the Boardwalk is to the west, Schellenger Ave. is north and Spencer Ave. is south of the camping area.