Q: Where should I go with questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this website, please contact us. Once at the piers, all your questions can be answered at Guest Services located at all three piers and both waterparks.

Q: Do parents need tickets or a wristband to ride with their children?

Yes. While admission to the Amusement Piers is free, every rider must have the appropriate value of tickets on a MOR-EZ Ticket Card or a valid wristband to ride. However, with our Join The Fun Pass, a single adult may ride on select rides while accompanying a paying child who does not meet the height requirements. Look for a designated sticker on the ride's height sign or ask Guest Services for a map of rides in the Join The Fun Program. These rides include all three Carousels, Kiddie Train, Mini Tea Cups, Howitzer, Pink Elephants, Convoy and Airplanes.

Q: Does the MOR-EZ Ticket Card lose its value over time?

The card does not lose value. And since our "tickets" never expire, a ticket purchased today for $1.10 is worth 1 ticket regardless of whether we increase the individual ticket price.

Q: Does the MOR-EZ Ticket card expire?

No. The MOR-EZ Ticket ride tickets and coupons never expire. (Nor do the Waterpark 4-Pak, Waterpark 10-Pak or any Morey's Piers Gift Card.)

Q: Does the MOR-EZ Ticket card replace wristbands?

No. You can still buy a wristband for rides and waterpark fun.

Q: Does the MOR-EZ Ticket card replace my Season Pass (or Easy Rider pass)?

No. The MOR-EZ Ticket card replaces tickets ONLY. You’ll still receive a Season Pass card and use it to redeem a wristband upon each visit.

Q: Will I get a MOR-EZ Ticket card instead of a Waterpark 4-Pak or 10-Pak?

No. You will still receive vouchers that you’ll redeem for wristbands.

Q: Does the MOR-EZ Ticket card replace Gift Cards?

The MOR-EZ Ticket card does not replace Gift Cards. Gift Cards will still be available for purchases of $100, $75, $50 and $25 and can be applied toward any purchase at any of Morey’s Piers Ticket Booths, Guest Services, Waterparks, or the Gift Shop on Mariners Landing.

Q: I usually buy 10 “Value Books” for my grandkids. Will I only get one MOR-EZ Ticket card now?

For each “Value Book” that you buy, you will receive one MOR-EZ Ticket card with the full value of each “Value Book.”

Q: How will I know what’s left on my MOR-EZ Ticket Card?

In addition to being able to check at the kiosks and Guest Services, the balance will be automatically displayed each time you scan your card to get on a ride.

Q: What if we lose the card?

Your online registration will enable us to reissue you a new MOR-EZ Ticket card with the balance that remains at the time of our notification of the lost card. Click here to register you card.

Q: Can I split the MOR-EZ Ticket Card into two or three cards? My kids like different kinds of rides

Yes. If you need to split your card, just visit Guest Services during park operating hours.

Q: What is a MOR-EZ Ticket?

A MOR-EZ Ticket is a card that stores the number of tickets you purchase. The value of the tickets you buy will be loaded onto a MOR-EZ Ticket card.

Q: Are ride tickets valid year after year?

Yes, MOR-EZ Ticket Cards have no expiration date. If you have old tickets, bring them to Guest Services and we’ll load them onto a MOR-EZ Ticket Card for you.