Love is an Extreme Ride

As the Wedding & Event Specialist here at Memoreys, I could write a list of the things I love about my job. However I would have to say that my favorite part of the planning is getting to meet different couples and hearing their love stories. Being a romantic at heart, I love asking people questions about their relationships.

I recently had the honor of meeting a young couple, Chris and Danielle, and they had a very unique story to tell me.  Chris and Danielle actually met working here, at Morey’s Piers.  After attending a training together, they left only knowing each others names and which ride the other worked for.  Danielle had no problem telling me that she left the training intrigued by this mystery man Chris, and wanted to know more about him.  Danielle said “Fate was on our side that day, because later on I ran into Chris at the Skycoaster on our pier!  I wanted to ride the Skycoaster, but the guy running the booth that day said I could only ride if I rode with Chris.  No complaints from me on that!  Chris suited me up and we walked up to the deck custom essays.  When we got on deck and hooked up to the carabineer, Dimitar the ride operator told us to lock arms.  As we were being pulled to the top of the tower; Chris asked me if I was afraid or if I was going to scream.  I told him nope this is my favorite ride.  He pulled the rip cord releasing us from the tower.  When the ride was over I needed one last thing, Chris’ number.  Luckily enough he gave it to me.  In almost 4 years a lot has changed, but one thing remains the same, I am in love with him and we are going to get married where it all began: at Morey’s Piers’ Skycoaster on Adventure Pier.”

Now that’s a unique story, right?  And the best part you ask?  I have the pleasure of planning a wedding on Adventure Pier for next August on the Skycoaster!!  Not many people can say they’ve attended a wedding on an Extreme Ride.

Danielle and Chris while working at Morey’s Piers.


  1. Christine says:

    Im so happy for both of you. I cant believe how fast the time has gone by i remember when you guys just met an then joey came along an every single passing day your love for eachother just got stronger. I love you both an i wish you both the best of luck an I cant wait to be apart of your amazing day an celebrate with you. I love you both.

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