How Forever Feels…

Country Superstar Kenny Chesney’s newest composition “Connecting the Dots” is exactly what one local couple did prior to the free concert on Wildwood Beach last night, and I got to witness it all, as well as somewhat be a part of the crazy pre-planning!!
Let me explain…
I was contacted by a very enthusiastic gentleman about two weeks ago named Mark Majors who proceeded to tell me that he HAD TO marry his girlfriend Lauri Anne Ratliff on the beach with their toes in the sand, right before the Kenny Chesney Concert, and he needed help. This story might be one for the records.

During their pre-teens, Lauri Ann was a friend of Major’s younger sister, Vickie Lynn.  “I remember them playing dress-up, out of my mothers closet.” Major said. “But, when you are 14 years old, it is the older sister’s friends that catch your eye.” Nearly 4 decades later Lauri Ann has not only caught Majors eye, but captured his heart as well.

“Someday I am going to be your wife” Lauri recently exclaimed while they danced to Chesney’s ballad Me and You. “Can you wait until I can afford to hire Kenny?” Mark replied. “We won’t live long enough,” she said. (and I am pretty sure she was right!) It was only 36 hours later that Kenny Chesney announced that he would perform a free concert on the Wildwood Beaches, and 24 hours after that Mark proposed. And approximately 12 seconds after that, plans were in the making and my phone was ringing.

With less than two weeks to prepare for this wedding, numerous phone calls, emails and discussions, we found Mark and Lauri the perfect venue to accommodate their nuptials, The Jersey Girl. The Jersey Girl offers wonderful food and service, and a relaxing atmosphere with an outdoor patio which was where the ceremony took place.

Working with people as closely as I do, I get a little attached sometimes, I’ll admit it! Knowing that Mark and Lauri were exchanging their vows right up the street at 8pm before the concert started, I decided to sneak down to watch them so that I could be a part of their special moment. Mark sang a song to his new bride, people from the street watched their ceremony buy custom papers online take place, and I snapped photos and laughed at Marks jokes.

Mark and Lauri now get to know How Forever Feels, and believe it or not, I learned in the vows they wrote to each other that they have only been dating for about a month!!!! Whew, there is no doubt that things like this Don’t Happen Twice! Congratulations Mark & Lauri, and I was happy to play some sort of a role in your wedding.



  1. Lila B says:

    So fantastic! They were lucky to have you to help them pull it off!

    • Christine says:

      april – Amie, I wish I could put my finger on why I love this picrute so much, but for now, the words fail me nevertheless, it’s beautiful, and with such a cool setting I can’t wait to see the rest! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Dennis says:

    Oh my goodness Kassidy! These are frkeiang AMAZING! Your photographer did a fantastic job! Not to mention you look as cute as ever! Congratulations again! You two are cute together!

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