For the love of Wildwood…

Wildwood is known for many, many things.  Our beaches.  Boardwalks. Our Amusement Piers.  Watch the Tram Car Please.  However the one thing I am finding lately that Wildwood is known for, are its love stories.  Since starting Memoreys, (Morey’s Piers Wedding & Events section), I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and discuss their upcoming wedding days, vow renewals, engagements, anniversaries, and even corporate events.  The thing that has shocked me the most is listening to the stories behind why people, just like you, would choose to host their special occasion here in Wildwood with Memoreys by Morey’s Piers.  This will be the first of a series of blogs, sharing some wonderful love stories that all began, took place, and/or ended right here in Wildwood. Some of these stories are just too good not to share!!

Meet Sam & Shannon…

Sam & Shannon met in high school and started out as friends, but have now been dating for 8 years.  Shannons family has owned a home in the Wildwoods since she was 3, and Sam started tagging along to their weekly visits. In no time at all, Wildwood became thier favorite place by finding common interests together such as their love for the beach, the boardwalk, and Sams Pizza! (They actually keep track of how many slices they’ve eaten this year with Sam coming in at 56 slices so far and Shannon at 28!)  Sam and Shannon spend so much time here in Wildwood that it was only fitting on the week of Valentines Day in 2011, that Sam proposed to her right here on our boardwalk! 

Shannon had recently signed up to win a free engagement photo shoot with Memoreys by Morey’s Piers & with photographer Erin McCusker and won!  I am so happy that they did. They were an adorable couple, and we had so much fun running around Mariner’s Landing & Wildwood taking their photos that they will now have to cherish forever  Take a sneak peek at some of the shots we got:

Thier Beach Themed wedding will take place this August and is Wildwood themed…it even includes Tram Car Centerpieces. Congratulations Sam & Shannon, and we are so happy to have gotten the chance to share a Memorey with you. 

If you have a unique love story where Wildwood holds a special meaning to you, please email me! I’d love to hear!

If you are interested in having your engagement photos done with Memoreys, or host your upcoming wedding or special occasion, please contact me at


  1. Can I post your put up to my wordpress blog? I will add a one way link to your forum. That’s one actually nice post.

  2. Your post is beautiful , I think you are right about Wildwood love stories , Wildwood is perfect place for love birds and love stories happen between lovable couple who really loev each other and know meaning of love. Sam & Shannon story is so touching and I wish good luck to them .

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