Your Event at Morey’s: Behind the Scenes

You’ve had the opportunity to see photos from the weddings and special events that took place here at Morey’s this summer, but you haven’t had a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes when we are in preparation mode. Here’s a sneak peak…

For those of you who have had the opportunity to host a special occasion with us, you’ve more than likely dealt with myself, and my colleague Kristel. We are the fun and smiley team that you actually get to meet with! However when it comes time to make your vision a reality, there are quite few key individuals here at Morey’s that Kristel and I rely on to get things done.
Let’s take our last wedding as an example: 320 chairs set up, as well as Fuschia bows tied around them. 250 pink lanterns put together and hung from the roof of the pavilions. Approximately 40 picnic tables removed with a forklift. 22 table runners and table numbers strategically placed. 18 strands of lights hung high over the dance floor. 1 scissor lift. 2 eight foot ladders. 3 different shades of pink Toile wrapped around places we never really even pay attention to. And that’s just the beginning!!
When it comes time for the things that Kristel and I can’t do on our own, we send emails out to our wonderful facilities team and let them know when we need everything done by. I will be the first person to tell you that a lot of times they get really silly questions, such as: “Kevin, how am I supposed to hang lanterns up really, really high on this tall ceiling?” Or,“Joe. She would like lights strung from fishing string and somehow attached from one end of the air to the other. Can we please make this work?” Regardless of the crazy requests, they are the people that we rely on to get it done, and they always do.
After all of their hard work is done, our special events team now gets to add the final touches that provide the color and coordination to the special day From the linens, centerpieces and cake table, we make sure that everything is perfect and exactly how the Bride-to-be envisioned her special day being.

The best part of the entire process is watching the bride and groom and their guests enjoying the beautiful setting we’ve help to create – that makes all the work and preparation well worth it. And the hardest part of the entire process you ask? That would be having to take everything down that we just spent so much time carefully putting into place.

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