Morey’s Piers #1 Fan Takes the Plunge

Since meeting Judy in February, I’ve caught myself having conversations that I’ve never had, (or thought I would ever have), with a bride before.  Such as: “Judy, tell me you love me, because I have just arranged for our Curley Fry Mascot to attend your wedding day!!!”  Screams of laughter and excitement is what I always got on the other end of the phone with her.  She was such a pleasure to work with, and getting to learn why and just how much she loves Wildwood and Morey’s Piers was probably the best part!
For years, Judy and her family have been Season Pass Holders with us, and like most of you, they LOVE to come to Wildwood and spend their summers down the shore.  This past Wednesday, June 26th, we had the opportunity to host Judy’s wedding, and she couldn’t have been more happy. All she wanted was  a simple, fun, and personalized day, and that’s exactly what she got! Things such as Combo Passes, Morey’s Piers beach towels, Churros and water ice for dessert, Salt Water Taffy centerpieces from Laura’s Fudge, cabana rentals in our waterpark, and Morey’s Piers Commemorative Cups are just an example of some of the things that she provided for her guests.
It’s not every day we get to host weddings like Judy’s! At this point, it’s safe to say that Memoreys by Morey’s Piers can accommodate anything from a mid-week wedding of 40 guests, to an elegant, beach front wedding of 225 people like this past Fridays.
Take a look below for some of the special details on Judy’s day:

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