Surfside Pier

FLY! - The Great Nor’Easter


Surfside Pier

Tickets per Guest


Ride Type





Over 50 MPH


Vekoma International

Accessibility Information

Ramped access via ride entrance.

Safety Information

Must be 52” tall to ride. Maximum height of 79”. Loose footwear not permitted. Under 10 years old, who meet the height requirement, must be accompanied by a responsible person. Loose articles such as cell phones, change, keys, etc MUST be left with a non-rider or ride locker storage near the entrance to the ride. Due to the design of the restraint system, large framed guests may not be permitted to ride. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.


Take an exhilarating ride on this custom designed Suspended Looping Coaster. The Great Nor'Easter was originally installed in 1995, with an intimidating 2,100 feet of twisted steel that takes you high over Ocean Oasis waterpark, through a rollover, sidewinder, and double spin at speeds of up to 50 MPH! With its new Freedom Flight seats, you can now ride The Perfect Storm!