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Donations & Sponsorships

Please Note due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently processing requests for donations. We hope to resume accepting submissions soon.

Guidelines for Giving

Our company is about the “kid in all of us,” but our corporate life is also about making a difference in lives, beyond the smiles, laughter and thrills of our seaside amusement park. Just as every child needs help to their first carousel ride, young people need our help in other ways as well. Our mission to “provide a spectacular family recreation experience in an exceptionally safe, clean, friendly and unique environment,” extends to helping young lives become a little more “spectacular.” So, we dedicate our financial and in-kind support to a variety of non-profit organizations, especially to those who are dedicated to bettering young people. After all, helping our youth is the best way to keep that “kid in all of us.”  Please consider the following when making your application for our support:

  • Kindly make your requests by filling out the form below. We cannot accept requests via phone, fax, email, or other methods. Please Include evidence of your non-profit status and federal ID number. We want to know that you are the real deal!
  • Provide us with the date of the event and the purpose of your request. Tell us how our support will make a positive difference in the lives of children or young people.
  • Donations of tickets or passes are given directly to the benefiting organization. We do not donate through a second or third party request.
  • We prefer to support an organization once per calendar year.
  • Requests for donations must be made 30 days prior to your event.

Applications not currently being accepted