Education Extravaganza

MAY 30 - JUNE 1 & JUNE 11, 2018

Education Extravaganza offers innovative, core-curriculum based learning opportunities in a fun and dynamic environment for students in grades 5 through 12. 


➤  WORKSHOP SESSIONS (Available 5/30-31 and 6/1)

➤  1 FREE CHAPERONE PASS for each 10 students

➤  FREE BUS PARKING ($50 value) 


SEASHORE ECOLOGY • Dive into sea life in this hands on ecology workshop led by the renowned Wetlands Institute. Meet several live animals that live nearby in our seas and bays, and learn how to help protect our natural resources.

BASIC PHYSICS BOARDWALK STYLE • (self guided) A comprehensive workbook leads students through a series of physics problems based upon amusement rides. This is the perfect opportunity for students to understand how classroom theory is applied to real life.

PEER LEADERSHIP ON THE BEACH • Through a series of cooperative games students learn the foundation of good decision making. Games are designed to be fun while encouraging communication and self-confidence.

PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE GHOST SHIP • Learn about the entertainment industry best kept secrets, such as make-up art, improvisation techniques and sound effects.

BUSINESS MATH • (self guided) This workshop has been designed to provide you with an applied math experience, offering insight into many of the day to day calculations and business math decisions made in an amusement park setting! 


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