Spike n’ Splash EVP Beach Volleyball

JULY 14, 2018

Morey’s Piers is excited to bring beach volleyball back to the Wildwoods! This summer everyone is getting in the action from youth and adults to co-ed and amateurs, to men, women, boys and girls. Oh, and some pros may even descend on the beach volleyball courts to show off their skills. 

So we’re calling all Doubles Teams to the court!  Yep, that's right - Doubles Teams of all kinds are welcome to register and try their best to prove that they are the Kings or Queens of the beach.

Each doubles team that registers will receive two (2) full-access, three-day (Fri-Sat-Sun) wristbands to Morey's Piers. That covers rides on all 3 of Morey’s amusements piers, both ocean-front water parks... you name it. Registered teams will also receive access to exclusive deals of approximately 70% off designed for the friends & families of tournament participants.

The tournament is run by the EVP Beach Volleyball Tour, the largest beach volleyball tour on Planet Earth. Click on the button below to visit the EVP website. Create a profile and sign up to prove you can Spike n’ Splash with the best of them.




9 AM - 3 PM – Set up at the Beach

5 PM - 6 PM - EVP Volleyball Clinic


8:45 AM – Junior & Amateur Team Check-in

11 AM - Serving Contest

1 PM - EVP "Bump to the Buckets"

1:10 PM – Junior Playoffs begin

3 PM - Men's Amateur Playoffs begin

4 PM - Women's Amateur Finals

5 PM – Men’s Amateur Finals