101 Things to do at Morey’s Piers

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101 Things to do at Morey’s Piers

Whether you have been here 101 times or are coming this summer for the first time, we have compiled a list of 101 things to do.

1. Enjoy the River Float in Raging Waters.
2. Sip on a Margarita at the newest Soggy Dollar Beach Bar
3. Listen to live acoustic jams while you watch the sunset at Soggy Dollar Beach Bar.
4. Explore the piers by bike in the morning.
5. Discover your inner archeologist as you dig for gems and bones at The Zoom Phloom Cannery & Mining Co.

6. Check out brand new life size sculptures of aquatic life at the The Zoom Phloom.
7. Gamble for candy at any of the Wheel Games.
8. Watch Ed Peahota speed paint a masterpiece at artBOX.
9. Race your best friend at Ocean Oasis’ WipeOut! attraction (loser buys the winner a hot dog!)
10. Challenge a buddy in your very own Curly Fry Eating Contest

11. Sign-up your children for The Wild Half Mile where they can have their faces painted and run as fast as their favorite animals!
12. Purchase a MOR-EZ ticket on Double the Fun Thursdays when you can ride until 6pm for half the tickets.
13.  People watch from the deck of Jumbo’s or Joe’s Fish Co.
14. Enjoy a taste of France with a homemade crepe at La Bakerie on Mariner’s Landing.
15. Hit all three extreme roller coasters on each pier.
16. Flaunt your dart skills at any of our Balloon Dart games.
17. Dare to walk the Ghost Ship with scarier live actors than EVER!
18.  Stop in from the beach at Wrecker’s Beach Grill with the newest public entrance.
19. Take a Venetian carousel ride, and take in the beautiful Italian scenery.
20.  Show some road rage on the Super Scooters bumper cars.
21. Experience life upside down on the Sea Serpent coaster.
22.  Lounge in the Maritime Library at the Port Royal Hotel and take in a sea of history.
23.  Witness the newest artBOX attraction from a bird’s-eye view on the Giant Wheel.
24. Try one of your favorite chocolate bars deep-fried to perfection at La Bakerie.

25.  Have a Skee Ball challenge at Mariner’s Arcade.
26. Relax at the bar atop of Joe’s FISH Co. and escape from the sun under the shaded area.
27. Defy gravity on the Cygnus X-1.
28. Chow down on fresh crabs from the Crab Hotline.
29.  Checkout local artists at the newest artBOX attraction made from repurposed shipping containers.
30. Visit the Exit Zero Museum Shop on Adventure Pier for hip Wildwood memorabilia.
31. Ride like Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the Can Am Raceway.
32. Ride around town with a brand new beach cruiser while you enjoy your stay at the Blue Palms.

33. Beat the heat with a soft serve ice cream cone at either of our beachfront waterparks.
34. Cool off from a hot summer day on the Zoom Phloom.
35. Show off your basketball skills at the 3 Point Challenge game and win high-end prizes such as authentic jerseys, iPads, and Sony televisions.
36. Head to the recently renovated Boat Tag and win the battle by shooting boats from the perimeter or captain one yourself.
37.  Fly under a sea of lights on the Wave Swinger.
38. Experience sweet and salty at Sweets n’ Treats when you entertain your taste buds with a salted caramel.
39.  Take a trip to Tokyo at artBOX for made-to-order sushi.
40. Eat a meal fresh off the beach grill at Raging Waters.
41. Fly Superman style on the Kite Flyer.
42. Have a little friendly bocce ball competition at Ocean Oasis.
43. Save up to 60% by purchasing our G2G package for the multigenerational traveling family.
44. Listen to live music from School of Rock at artBOX
45. Book a family vacation in our cozy Cottage Apartment in the heart of Wildwood.
46. Grab a friend and a double-tube and head down Rocket Raft Run water slide together.
47. Sip on a craft beer from the Cape May Brewery at Joe’s FISH Co., Jumbo’s, or the Soggy Dollar Beach Bar
48. Treat yourself to Shrimp & Lobster Omelet or a freshly made Belgian Waffle as you dine on the Giant Wheel for Breakfast in the Sky.
49. Get in line for a thrilling ride on the new tracks of The Great White coaster.
50. Pick up A Wild Ride from the Morey Store and experience the piers with a new perspective.
51. Checkout the mural made by child prodigy Autumn de Forest for the victims of Hurricane Sandy (located at artBOX).

52. Be a gymnast for a day and perform stunts you never imagined on the High Flyer.
53. Go on a treasure hunt for all of the classic boardwalk foods (popcorn, fries, funnel cakes, hot dogs, cotton candy!)
54. See what actually happens Under The Boardwalk at Formula One Raceway.
55. Ascend into the Wildwood sky on the AtmosFEAR.
56. Head to Jumbo’s to experience the biggest slice of pizza in Wildwood.
57. Channel your inner Tarzan as you swing on the Rope Swing at Raging Waters Waterpark.
58. Wake up to a home cooked breakfast at the Blue Palms Resort before heading up to the boardwalk.
59.  Feast on Jumbo’s fries seasoned with Chef Wally’s secret spice!
60. Sip on a flavorful “River Float,” at Raging Waters Waterpark, Morey’s take on the classic Root Beer Float.
61. Win a prize for your loose change at the Quarter Pitch.
62. Book a special event such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings with Memory’s for a picturesque celebration.
63. Become a season pass member and enjoy all of our newest accommodations.
64. Take a vacation from your vacation on the Endless River.
65.  Sink your teeth into a Triple Cheeseburger at Frtiz’s.

66. Take a bird’s-eye view of the waterpark on the Seagull Cycles
67. Indulge in a fried Oreo.
68. Spoil yourself rotten at Water Lilies Swim Up Bar and drink a piña colada under the sun.
69.  Engage in the “Stay & Play” Passes offered to guests of our hotel properties to save BIG on our attractions!
70. Be a kid again at Camp KidTastrophe and get splashed by the giant bucket.
71. Take advantage of our Tuesday deals and ride the rides for $24 until 6pm.
72. Light up your Friday nights by riding the rides underneath the fireworks for $20 10pm-midnight.
73. Plan your trip for Morey’s Fears “Terror on the Boardwalk,” for the upcoming Halloween season. Newly extended dates and special discounted rates are available.
74. Get up close and personal to the biggest snake you’ve ever seen as you fly down the Snake Slide.
75. Dine-in at Joe’s FISH Co. and sink your teeth into a Crab & Shrimp Cake Sandwich.

76. Lounge under a tropical cabana at one of Morey’s Pier’s Beachfront Waterparks.
77.  Live life upside down as you sling into the air on Adventure Pier’s SpringShot attraction.
78.  Find your way out of a labyrinth of twists and turns in the Chamber of Checks maze.
79. Stop by Curley’s for a boardwalk-famous Lemon Shake Up.
80. Climb your way across the Cargo Net at Raging Waters Waterpark without falling.
81. Conquer every slide at Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis.

82. Start up a reunion with a group of 20 or more old friends and get a generous discount on food and attractions.
83. Live like a celebrity in the Pan American Hotel penthouse.
84. Water Race your way to the top first for a giant stuffed animal.
85. Take the plunge off the Cliff Dive at Ocean Oasis.
86. Visit the Morey Store for all your favorite Morey’s Piers apparel.
87. Watch the Giant Wheel light Wildwood at 7pm.
88. Fool the guesser at Mariner’s Landing and win a prize.
89. Watch father and son duo, Pete Bieling & Pete Bieling Jr.  create stylish works of art from paintings to glass-blown creations at artBOX
90. Travel back in time to the 1950’s when you book a stay at the Starlux.

91. Make Monday pizza & piers night at Morey’s for $29.
92. Walk the entire boardwalk start to finish!
93. Go on a wine tasting with friends and try our bottles from local wineries in the Cape May area.
94.  Put the piers in your pocket by earning badges and sharing photos with our new, FREE thrill-tracking APP Wild Trax.
95. Grab your eye patch and take a tour of the Pirates of the Wildwoods.
96. Find Curley or his sidekick Sunny for the perfect photo op
97.  Watch the waves from Wrecker’s Beach Grill while you recharge and refresh from a wild day at Raging Waters Waterpark.
98. Test your hand-eye coordination at one of Morey’s Ring Toss games
99.  Get your game on with beach soccer at Beach Blast
100. Pose for the camera for a memorable photo on the Great Nor’Easter
101. Swing 65 feet over Morey’s Piers on “it”


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