28 Miles to Wildwood

Visiting other amusement parks is one part of this job that never gets old. Taking advantage of some free time in the spring, squeezing a few days off during a busy summer and some more free time in the winter can lead to some incredible visits at other places in the country.

This past year, I managed visit 18 parks and ride a total of 54 roller coasters. In amusement park language, that figures out to a whopping 145,978 feet of coaster track, or just under 28 miles. It was long journey, both for my car and my feet walking on many midways seeking out these thrilling rides, of which I managed to tour all of these parks in 7 states. There was some travel by air involved, including the combined height of these coasters reaching 5,415 feet into the sky, or just over 1.25 miles!

15 of these roller coasters were new to me, including the Manta flying coaster at Sea World Orlando, and Boulderdash, a mountain-hugging wooden coaster similar to our very own Great White right here on Adventure Pier, even designed by the same person. Sadly, I also got to say goodbye to the Great American Scream Machine right up the road from us, which was retired in July.

Anyway, all this rollercoaster riding is only helping to build my anticipation of our next rollercoaster in the final planning stages for us right here at Morey’s Piers!

Look for me on your midway soon,



Sea Serpent Fan says:

July 28, 2011 at 11:03 am

Hi Sam.  Any idea of when “groundbreaking” for the new coaster will happen?  This year?  Next year?

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