A Different “Dip” at Raging Waters

All native Pittsburgh area folk like myself know that Heinz products may have 57 varieties. In the early 1890’s, they did carry over 57 different types of products. Today, the Pittsburgh-based food production company now makes over 5,700 products.

Raging Waters is proud to serve 14 of those products. Of course we have the world famous ketchup. It comes in 4 different packages for us. We have the upside down squeeze bottle ketchup (1) for the Wiki Kiniki Kabanas, ketchup packets (2) for the Snack Shack, and Wreckers Beach Grill uses both a 1.5 gallon pouch (3) and a huge 3 gallon volume pack (4). We sell a lot of french fries and it is not out of the ordinary to change the 3 gallon pack 2-3 times per day.

Also in the 1.5 gallon pouch we offer honey mustard dipping sauce (5) and barbeque sauce (6). These are also changed 2-3 times daily as the Chicken Tender Basket is our #1 selling item by far, and our guests love to dip, so to speak. Also added new this year was a 1.5 gallon pouch of mayonnaise(7). We are now finding out guests are using more mayonnaise as a dipping sauce, too! Rounding out the pouches, we have the Yellow Mustard (8), a fan favorite for hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

And speaking of french fries, if you are dipping them in vinegar, you are using Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar (9). Your cocktail sauce (10) on the Popcorn Shrimp Basket? That’s also from Heinz. The green relish packets on your hot dogs (11), along with the yellow mustard packets (12) are also Heinz.

Let’s see, 2 more items to go. Again, if you are a guest in the Kabanas, you will get a upside down squeeze bottle of yellow mustard (13), and if you ordered those chicken tenders, you will get a handful of honey mustard dipping sauce packets (14).

So, if you are a fan of Heniz like I am, or if you are just a crazy about condiments, we have it!


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