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March 2, 2011 by Tim Samson in

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Morey’s Piers has been a great place for me to work, so over the years I’ve encouraged my family members to be a part of the Morey’s team, too.  Way back when (in the 90s) when we first start hosting casino picnics I recruited my mom and aunt to help wristband and welcome guests.   One year Harold Carmichael (a former Eagles player) came to the piers for Harrah’s Employee picnic.  My aunt was a huge fan, so she was thrilled when she got to meet him and have her picture taken with him.

My daughter, son and two nephews held their first jobs at Mariner’s Arcade.  As a mom, I loved the fact that my kids and nephews could drive to work with me, and many times we’d have lunch together.  It was especially nice since this was their first experience working and I knew they were in good hands with our management team.  The kids still keep in touch with friends they made while working there.

My brother and sister-in-law and their kids are volunteers at our annual Christian youth event, A Closer Walk.  My youngest daughter helped out during the Beach Lacrosse tournament in July (she had a blast driving our golf cart across the beach with Zach Morey). And last Memorial Day weekend my husband stepped up in a big way and volunteered for the amateur Curley Fry Eating Competition at our Curley Fry Festival (getting volunteers to eat as many Curley’s Fries as they could in 10 minutes was surprisingly hard.)  He did it and even got his picture in the paper!

This summer my oldest daughter will be waitressing at Jumbo’s – which is great because I love to eat at Jumbo’s (chef Wally’s Buffalo Chicken wrap is delicious) and it’s just a short walk from my office.  If you go, make sure to ask for Michaela (she’ll be the girl who never stops smiling!)

If you think you’d like to be a part of the Morey’s Piers team, CLICK HERE to apply for a summer position!


Jessica Wiley says:

March 7, 2011 at 3:47 pm

curley’s fries contest??!?!?!?!?!?!?! shoulda called me, i would have HAPPILY joined the contest. lol. but its amazing to have such wonderful family join in on the festivities of the season each year. Even being an employee on the morey team is pretty much a family.  However i will say this, if you advertise the curely fies contest, you might get more contestants. make it a yearly thing, for the beginning of the season. to welcome the season to the piers, and the visitors…what a great way to say WELCOME SUMMERTIME!!!

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