A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anyone

A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anyone

From the looks of it The Zoom Phloom Cannery and Mining Co. was a huge hit on Surfside Pier this past weekend. Definitely something you should check out the next time you're strolling around Morey's Surfside Pier.  It's a fun and interactive hands-on learning activity for kids to enjoy (ok mom and dad we'll let you play too)!  How it works is that kids buy a bag of mining rough enriched with gems or fossils from around the world. They pour some of the mining rough in a screen-bottom box and dip the box in the sluice to wash away the soil revealing gorgeous gems and fun fossils.  Each bag also comes with a take home guide that helps to identify the gemstones and fossils, kids learn as they go!  Then it's the simple joy of discovery on the childrens faces that makes this activity truly priceless.

I must admit that observing the interaction between grandparents, adults and kids during this activity was a refreshing sight to see.   The grown-ups, although reluctant to admit it, seemed to be having just as much fun playing in the dirt and sluice as their kids. Something so basic providing carefree excitement and fun, Ahhh a breath of fresh air.  Then I had a revelation...alright more of just a thought.  But ask yourself this question. How often do you get so wrapped up with being a busy parent, granparent, care giver, etc. that you forget how to appreciate the simple joys in life?  Does this sound about right?  If so, then find some time to get a little dirty, splash around in some water and unlock the kid inside. This is the true meaning of "The Kid in All of Us!"




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