AARP not just for the Oldies

Every spring here at MP we celebrate AARP and it’s not at all what you are thinking. We do not get membership cards to use for discounts and we don’t start eating off the early bird menu. We are celebrating our A.nnual A.ssociate R.ecognition P.rogram This being one of our three (big scale) employee events that I (and a very committed team of associates) help put together. What are we doing? We eat of course, have a year in review presentation (all pictures of associates throughout the year on the big screen), introduce our new full time associates and thank everyone at 1, 5, 10 and 15 years with a gift. We save the good stuff for the real troopers who make it to 20 and 25 years (and yes we have quite a few who have made it to the quarter century club). Those lucky people usually get thanked with a complete presentation on them (sometimes funny and sometimes touching, but usually both) and a big gift according to what we have researched of their hobbies and wants. This year this all takes place at the Wildwoods’ Convention Center in the beginning of April. Maybe I will post the year in review once everyone here has seen it.

See you in a few weeks when we open,



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