An Oasis in My Backyard

One of the many perks of working for Morey’s Piers is that when my day is over, I can slip into a swimsuit and step into paradise, which is just outside my office! The other day, I decided to melt away some stress in the sun at Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club. It was a gorgeous day and the park was active everywhere I went. All the cabanas were occupied, Oasis Cafe was packed, the massage hut was full, every few seconds people were splashing into pools on mats or tubes and everyone was having a great time.

You could have told me I was in the Bahamas and I would have believed you. I stopped at Oasis Cafe where Melissa from West Chester whipped me up a most refreshing pina colada. It was a welcome treat in the nearly 90° heat!

If you’ve tried any of the new menu items at Raging Waters’ Wrecker’s Beach Grill, you know we’ve got some amazing waterpark dining. Oasis Cafe has a big surfboard shaped menu packed with mouthwatering choices. Since I love spinach, mushrooms, peppers and goat cheese, I picked the Booty Wrap with grilled chicken and a side of Coconut Shrimp.

I could have taken half my wrap home, but it was so delicious, I couldn’t stop eating it! With lunch out of the way, it was time to hit the slides. I love the speed slides. I’m not a competitive person by nature, but when I get to the top of that slide tower and look over at the poor little stranger who will take on the opposite slide, something in me ignites and it’s on. Whether or not that little kid knows it, I’m going to beat him to the pool.Victory is always splashtacular!

After a healthy dose of adrenaline, I enjoyed the luxury of floating down the lazy river to live acoustic music. Eventually, I wandered over to the Waterlilies Relaxation Pool where I carved out a little corner of sunshine and let the rays melt my aching muscles.


Private Piece of Sunshine & Pink Lemonade

Behind the pool, kids were participating in one of Ocean Oasis’ many regular family activities- S’more Making! It smelled like a tropical campsite and the kids were so excited. There’s always some kind of fantastic family activity going on at Ocean Oasis. Visit Island Services at the bottom of the steps by the main entrance for a full schedule of that day’s happenings.


I’m planning to spend every Saturday afternoon for the rest of the summer at Ocean Oasis. Come join me and experience tropical living right here in New Jersey!


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