Anatomy of Morey’s Piers Employees


Girl Stats                                                                 Boy Stats

Name: Alli                                                                Name: John


Hometown: Horsham, PA                                         Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Job Title: Adventure Pier Area Supervisor                Job Title: Adventure Pier Operations Manager

Favorite MP Accessory: Big Shark Watch                 Favorite MP Accessory: Nametag


1. Sunglasses = A must have!

2. Radio aka Walkie-talkie

3. Long Khaki Shorts

4. Button-up Dress Shirt which feels more like a blanket in 90 degree weather

5. Cushiony Shoes – A must have!

6. Name-tag (tells everyone the name and the hometown)

7. No Smoking Pin -  in case you didn’t know Morey’s Piers is a healthy, smoke free environment

8. Ugly Brown Belt to hold up all the belt accessories (radio, flashlight, cell phone, etc…)

9. Sunglass tan under those sunglasses (which is why they left the sunglasses on)

10. Farmer’s Tan (under that uniform)

In a heat wave there could be sweat stains as well but, today John and Alli are keeping it cool.


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