And the winner is…..

Twelve brave competitors took to the deck of Joe’s Fish Co. on Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the 2nd Annual Curley’s Fry Eating Competition. With 5 minutes to eat as many fries as they could, the top three eaters wound up stuffing down close to 2 lbs of the glorious potato treats.

The feud was so close that the judges decided to give the finalists a 3 minute tiebreaker, during which Dave Goldstein ate another entire pound bucket of fries, winning the grand prize of $500 plus a whole lot of bragging rights.

The contest scene was not for the faint of heart (clearly depicted in the photos above and below), but the crowd cheered and was wowed by the fierce eating that went down.

Against better discretion, few of the competitors decided to give “It” a whirl afterwards. The maintenance crew had the mops ready but luckily everyone kept their fries down.

Aside from the contest, this was a special day for the namesake of the event. Our mascot Curley celebrated his 6th birthday, so if you see him this week be sure to wish him a happy (belated) birthday!

Curley’s Fries did some winning of their own! South Jersey Magazine recently named Curley’s Fries Best of the Shore for 2011. Make sure you stop by and get a bucket of our award winning fries (you can take your time eating them, though!).


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