...And You Thought Cleaning and Painting Your Pool at Home Was Hard!

Over the past few weeks, the waterpark maintenance team has been hard at work getting both waterparks ready for opening day! One of the large jobs done every spring is the cleaning and painting of all of the Splash Pools and Lazy Rivers. Overall, it takes about three months to prepare each of the waterparks for opening day and set everything up. All this work for a 90 day operating season!

A special thanks to Sean, Billy, Mike and Bob who are now working six days a week to help get the waterparks open on time.

Some interesting facts regarding the amount of work needed to open up the waterparks each season. It’s a massive undertaking as you see…

-Clean, bag and put out over 200 trash cans.
-Clean and paint (2) 1000 foot long Lazy Rivers.
-Clean and paint two Activity Pools and 12 splash pools.
-Hose down and pressure wash over 6 acres of deck space and walkways.
-Clean and lubricate over 1000 lockers.



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