Art In The Park: Send In The Seals!

With the beautiful rockwork of River Adventure at Raging Waters fresh in our minds, Jack Morey thought the Zoom Phloom on Surfside Pier could use some sprucing up. The rock work, waterfalls and loading station are all in the midst of a major redesign that will freshen up one of the longest, tallest, and steepest log flumes on the East Coast and provide some beautiful scenery and photo ops.

Inspired by the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the Zoom Phloom makeover endeavors to create a Morey’s Piers “Sea of Life” out of the existing rockwork and run outs on the ride. Our “Sea of Life” will feature hand carved seals, sharks, an octopus and more! Joe Pez of Concrete Links, the same artist who hand-carved the rocks, logs and waterfalls of River Adventure last spring with a steak knife, will perform the sea life carvings for this project.

Construction began in early October and our East Coast seals are already starting to take shape in the form of wire frames around the giant globe at the foot of the ride. Our largest seal will appear to balance the globe on his nose. The wire frames for our stony sea life will be sprayed with gunite, carved to perfection by the aforementioned skilled hands and then stained to a picture perfect finish. 

Our piers have begun to flourish with exciting new artsy installations. Aside from the gorgeous renovation of Raging Waters’ Lazy River into River Adventure, we commissioned a local surf artist to create larger than life prints, portraits and paintings on shipping containers on Adventure Pier

The shipping container project creates a distinctive and vivid edge to Adventure Pier and opened up new signage and art opportunities. Artist David Macomber of Shark Sugar NJ gave Adventure Pier’s shipping containers a new, extreme look. His work has been featured in Surfer, Eastern Surf and Surfing magazines. Macomber’s passion for surfing and the Jersey Shore permeates his artistic style and made him an ideal candidate for Morey's Piers Adventure Pier Container Art Project.

The whole concept of re-using prefabricated shipping containers has been championed for several years now by the eco and contemporary arts design communities. The original invention of shipping containers had birth in New Jersey out of a necessity to improve efficiency and cut down on theft.

With today’s over abundance of imports, containers have become a low cost method for the eco and arts communities to create shelter. At Morey's Piers, the containers serve a variety of practical and aesthetic purposes ranging from storage, office space, signage and now extreme branding for Morey’s Piers largest collection of extreme rides!

Just as we like to bring new exciting rides and attractions the whole family can enjoy, we place a huge value on beautifying the piers and waterparks. Not only have art and beautification projects helped give each one a distinctive identity and personality, but it creates a unique place to make everlasting family memories!


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