[artBOX] Dave Macomber Sculpture

August 13, 2013 by Kristel Fillmore in

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[artBOX] Dave Macomber Sculpture

In the words of the artist, David Macomber:

What to Do With All This Junk…

All summer long I’ve been saving scrap pieces of wood in a small hidden corner of [artBOX]. Many of the pieces where left over from various things; construction projects on the pier, pallets from deliveries, used paint stirrers from the artists and other random pieces that just looked cool. My idea all a long was to build something from these discarded scraps, but I never really had a solid idea of what the thing would be.




Just Build a Solid Armature….

Maybe it was the well-balanced breakfast I had that morning but all I knew is that once I got to [artBOX] that day I was inspired to create.  So I grabbed some chalk, started drawing, and a wave suddenly appeared on the boardwalk.  I began laying pieces of wood randomly inside the drawing when fellow [artBOX] artist, Pete Bieling, shared with me one of the most logical ideas for this sculpture.   He explained to me the importance of building a solid armature.  Basically this is just a really fancy way of saying, “Hey man, just build a frame!”   Little did he know how huge this piece of advice was, saving me from multiple headaches and unnecessary breakdowns along the way.   Once the frame was completed I would then start assembling and attaching the ‘wooden water.’

Seeing Beyond The Wave…

The whole project took me about two and a half days to complete and I enjoyed being able to work on it at [artBOX] for people to see.  Some people where confused, others couldn’t quite envision the final outcome and many expressed their excitement to see the finished piece.   As an artist it is always rewarding and fulfilling to see people take interest in your artwork.  At first people would just notice the giant wave and then they wouldmove in closer and start to see all the different items compiled together to make the final sculpture.  Several people also stopped by to have their photo taken with the piece.  The Wildwood Beach and Morey’s Pier makes for the perfect backdrop of the “ITSWELL WAVE” and this is a special addition to the [artBOX] on Adventure Pier.

Stay Tuned, More Artwork to Come…



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