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September 14, 2007 by Tim Samson in

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Well, the season is coming to a close and we’re glad to have some time to blog for our loyal site visitor’s. It’s been a while. Dino was quite busy running 3 Piers, and I was not here to blog. Sorry! So what’s up with the title of this blog? For you Floyd lovers, you’ll get a kick out of this. Our fearless Corporate Sales Executive, Casey Smith, was in the WaWa getting a huge cup of coffee – (probably to keep awake from all of her hours of hard work this summer) – when she overhead this guy talking about a little kid playing the drums to Pink Floyd songs. She starts chattin’...Casey talks to everyone…and it turns out this guy is Paul K. Harker – the drummer for Roger Waters Ltd.!!!! She’d just seen them in concert. And here he is in Cape May County getting a cup o’ Joe at WaWa. Doesn’t matter that he’s a celebrity playing with one of the most famous musicians ever…she solicits him for a catered picnic for next year. Now she’s emailing him and Roger Waters people. Hey, Paul and Roger…Wish You Were Here!

Lisa Fagan
Marketing Manager


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