Bringing the BLOG back from the dead…End of the Season Fun!

October 20, 2009 by Kristel Fillmore in

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PHEW! It’s been a long time! We’re not good at this yet, but we are working hard to make this blog more active!

We had a very busy shoulder season bringing scouts camping at Beach Jam, soccer kids and a SUPER Sunday Closing Day Event plus an end of the season party for our staff.

While the weather was a little wet for Beach Jam scouts enjoyed the rides and merit badge programs throughout the weekend. Then, our final weekend included Cape Express soccer kids and Spider Man at Super Sunday along with Sunny C. Gull’s 5th birthday party! As always, we gave away two season passes for next season.

I want to send a special congratulation out to one of our season pass winners at Super Sunday, Morgan Milburn! She came out for the event and celebrated her birthday at the same time! See the picture of her with Sunny C. Gull and Spider-man!

Feel free to email me about anything you want to hear about and I will try and post it at Kristel.Fillmore@moreyspiers.com.


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