BeaverTails in Wildwood!

The Wildwood Boardwalk is no stranger to all things sweet and tasty.  But this summer, exclusively on Morey’s Adventure Pier, we are proud to introduce BeaverTails.  After providing indulgent moments to Canadians since 1978, BeaverTails has finally made its debut on the…

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Food Tasting Fun at Morey’s Piers

Being a part of the marketing and public relations team at Morey’s Piers definitely has its perks. Only two weeks into my internship, I had the opportunity, and pleasure, to meet with two travel writers from Canada. The purpose of their visit was to learn about, sample and better…

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Our Dollar Dogs are a Home Run!

Batter Up! We are hitting it home with our dollar dogs this year. The stand on Mariner's Landing is new and improved and the perfect stop for the 4th of July. Phillies phans will be happy to see their favorite baseball team's logo and to get a little taste of the game.

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The Pier that ROCKS!

Wait until you visit Adventure Pier this summer! So many new things are happening that you might not catch them all if I don’t start telling you about them…

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Why I love my J-O-B Sam Shurgott

By: Sam Shurgott -- Area Manager, Food & Beverage - Raging Waters

1. We start the day off with a spectacular Breakfast in the Sky

2. My view at work. Yes, it is like that every darn day.

3. You get a new family every summer to train.

4. Lunch…

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[RECIPE] Tuscan Spiced Warm Goat Cheese Log by Chef Wally

December 14, 2012 by Tim Samson in Food and Beverage


From Chef Wally's kitchen to yours: a simple, but delicious recipe his family does all year long; especially during the Holidays. It is so easy to do. Almost every supermarket carries a decent goat cheese. Tuscan Spiced Warm Goat Cheese Log

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Joe’s Fish Co. Opentable for Two!

We know you're trying to pack as much fun into your Wildwoods vacation as possible. Now you can grab a bite to eat without missing a beat! We're proud to announce that Joe's Fish Co. now takes reservations through Opentable. You can make a reservation (and earn…

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Breakfast in the Sky

08:00 a.m. Andre wake up! We have Breakfast in the Sky today! The text I got from Maggie this morning as I was finishing my final machine at the gym. 

08:02 a.m. I’m awake, do you think I could forget about that?! my response to her.

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Recipe: Gingerbread Curley’s Fries

December 21, 2011 by Tim Samson in Food and Beverage


Here’s a fun way to bring the Boardwalk into your kitchen and all your holiday celebrations! Make some Gingerbread Curley’s Fries!


3 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 1/2…

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Recipe: Cuban Spiced Holiday Crown Roast of Pork

You will need:

1ea                    Crown Roast of Pork (10-14#)

1 to 2 Cups        Chef Walter J’s Cuban Spice Rub®

1 to 2 Cups        Water

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Pumpkin Pie in a Cone

The other day, our Marketing Intern- Caitlin- suggested an ice cream break. Uhm… YES! We took a walk across the boards to Kohr Bros. where she did a little happy dance after looking at the flavor board. One of…

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Impossibly Good Chili

September 26, 2011 by Tim Samson in Food and Beverage

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In 2008, Dinner: Impossible paid a visit to Morey’s Piers. Using nothing but Boardwalk food, Michael Symon and his crew cooked a fantastic gourmet dinner for 300 employees in our Rendezvous Picnic…

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Get a Taste of Fall

What do you think of when you think of the fall season? …I think it’s time to eat because bikini season is over for the next 6 months! I especially want to eat some good comfort food like chili and chowder.

In case you don’t already know we are having our first…

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A Different “Dip” at Raging Waters

All native Pittsburgh area folk like myself know that Heinz products may have 57 varieties. In the early 1890’s, they did carry over 57 different types of products. Today, the Pittsburgh-based food production company now makes…

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The Wildwood Pizza War Continues

Let me start this with this….TEAM Mack’s!

I have let it go for far too long with all these people (George & Jack) writing…

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Hooray for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Tomorrow is probably the most anticipated holiday of the summer (right after Independence Day, of course)- it’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

How are you going to celebrate? Traditional…

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Nothing Matters in the Whole Wide World…

...when you’ve got a date at Jersey Girl!

I think it’s safe to say most of us at Morey’s love Jersey Girl Drinks & Dining. Our “watercooler talk” generally…

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Whet Your Appetite at Raging Waters

What’s new at Wreckers Beach Grill? Located oceanfront inside Raging Waters waterpark, Wreckers is serving up some new dishes for the 2011 summer season.

New items include a Mediterranean Salad with goat cheese, mixed greens, romaine hearts, grape tomatoes, cucumbers,…

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Souper Sunday Chili/Chowder Cook Off

Are you someone who likes to cook? Are you a chef? Well get ready to get your cook on at our first annual Souper Sunday Chili & Chowder Cook Off scheduled for Closing Day on October 9, 2011. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and our friends over at Read More

Summer’s in Full Swing!

The other day was the first day of summer, both Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters are open in full force. Saturday marks the beginning of our full season schedule. So what’s new and exciting up at the piers? Over the past couple of months we’ve told you about Read More

And the winner is…..

Twelve brave competitors took to the deck of Joe’s Fish Co. on Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the 2nd Annual Curley’s Fry Eating Competition. With 5 minutes to eat as many fries as they could, the top three eaters wound up stuffing down close to 2 lbs of the…

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rain Orr shine

Kathy Orr visited Morey’s on Thursday to kick off Memorial Day weekend with her 9th season of Orr at the Shore. Luckily for us and for the thousands of people that will flock to the island this weekend,…

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Watch Your Fingers, Please!

Forget the tram car! I risked life and limb- literally!- to sit down with Justin Vitti, an enthusiastic competitor in tomorrow’s Curley’s Fry Eating Competition. We talked over a barrel of Read More

FAMiliarize Yourself


The Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA) organized an island-wide trolly tour on Friday, May 20th for a select group of…

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Chef Wally Takes Home Top Award!

I always get a little worried when men are in the kitchen. Smoke alarms go off in my head as I recall the image of my boyfriend throwing burning toast off a second floor balcony.

However, when Wally’s in front of the stove, fantastic things happen (and nothing is ever left…

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25° in the Shade

Although  it’s February and  25° in the shade, instead of the desired 96° in the shade that we all seem too long for this time of year,  I am still thinking about Summer time food.  So much so, that I will be at a fundraiser:  The 10th Annual South Jersey’s Men R’ Cookin’;…

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Two Pep and a Birch…..

The Wildwood Boardwalk is nostalgic for so many reasons.  For me, one of these reasons is the food.  And while my figure may not agree, I love Boardwalk food.  And if you want the best, there is a little pizza joint located right on 26th Street that hits the spot every…

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Re-Inventing the Wheel: Morey’s Takes Breakfast to New Heights

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, Nick’s been doing a great job! But I just HAD to share with you all the amazing experience I just had. I was able to be one of the first to have Breakfast in the Sky- our newest attraction at Morey’s. Starting…

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“Substitute Bile for Blood”

What do fish tacos and the horrors of the Tower of London have in common? Both were brought to the table in the annual brain storming session between more than 150 amusement park enthusiasts and Morey’s Piers company executives, Will and Jack Morey, along with Executive Chef, Wally…

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Yummy and NOW Healthy – Dippin’ Dots

Now you can have your cake (I mean Dippin’ Dots) and eat it to! We are now serving No Sugar Added Vanilla and Trans Fat Free Cookies and Cream at our Dippin’ Dot stands. So, of course I had to try it and you can’t even tell the difference.

Go ahead and have some but…

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Holy Potatoes!

Curley’s Fries took delivery of 5,500 pounds of fresh Idaho potatoes to reload for today. And….as if that weren’t enough – MCR, Morey’s foodservice department set a new receiving record today, taking delivery on a record 5,340 pounds of frozen french fries, which…

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