Ghost Ship Make-Up Time-lapse

Ever wonder how the ghostly crew of the Ghost Ship look so ghoulish when you walk through the halls of the Ignis Fatuus? Well wonder no more. This week I stepped into the haunted bowels of the giant ship and set up a camera up in front of Jonathan Zober, one of our Ghost Ship ghouls, to…

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Our Dollar Dogs are a Home Run!

Batter Up! We are hitting it home with our dollar dogs this year. The stand on Mariner's Landing is new and improved and the perfect stop for the 4th of July. Phillies phans will be happy to see their favorite baseball team's logo and to get a little taste of the game.

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Then and Now: The Giant Wheel

This winter we are going to give you a little bit of way back when and a little bit of today with the blog series “Then and Now” to not only show you the changes through the years but possibly what’s in store for 2014. Stay tuned on Tuesdays this winter to learn a…

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Global Evolution

Every year we strive to improve the piers and waterparks, whether we're bringing something new and exciting to the parks or refurbishing an old favorite. One of the most notable changes might be our iconic globe at the front of Mariner's Landing. It's received several…

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Habitat for Insanity!

As Summer 2012 winds down, we're gearing up for our 2nd year of Morey's FEARS- Terror on the Boardwalk. We've spun massive spiderwebs over Mariner's Landing, we're raising the dead and training them to perform and CornStalkers has…

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Breakfast in the Sky

08:00 a.m. Andre wake up! We have Breakfast in the Sky today! The text I got from Maggie this morning as I was finishing my final machine at the gym. 

08:02 a.m. I’m awake, do you think I could forget about that?! my response to her.

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Celebrate Easter With Us!

The Easter Bunny called! He said he’ll be hopping by Mariner’s Landing this Sunday to enjoy the day with his favorite people. Come get your photo taken with him, enjoy all the rides, strolling entertainment, face painting and more! Kids under 12 can pick an Easter…

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Tips for Getting Hired by Morey’s Piers

We have been collecting applications for several weeks now and we are about the begin setting up interviews. During my professional career, I have interviewed literally tens of thousands of applicants and have a few tips for  those of you looking for employment with…

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Greetings from the Ghost Ship

Greetings all, I hope this nifty little missive finds you well.

It’s great to be back up on the pier, getting my hands dirty back in Ghost Ship (theoretically dirty… I have delicate skin so I often wear gloves. Suede when possible) as we prepare for a…

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Ride the Tides- Soon…

So many decisions to be made with a new ride…

o   Ride colors chosen…CHECK!

o   Light patterns selected…CHECK!

o   Paint colors updated…

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Vote for Morey’s FEARS- Terror on the Boardwalk

Thank you for your nominations. You’ve earned us a spot as a finalist in About.com’s Readers’ Choice Awards for BEST Theme Park Halloween Event of 2011! We’re flattered. Honored! You like us! You really like us!

And because you really like us,…

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Decisions, Decisions…

It’s not enough to decide we want a new ride. We have to decide where it will fit in our limited space. We have to figure out how many tickets are required to ride. Right now, we need to decide what colors the RipTide would like to be.

Picking out colors with…

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Love is in the Air… Literally!

Declare your love over a gourmet breakfast with fine china, white linens and a stunning panoramic view of the Wildwoods. Give your special someone a date they’ll never forget with Breakfast in the Sky! Enjoy Cuban…

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Looking For Felix

“Welcome to Morey’s FEARS! Felix here, the boardwalk barker, and if you’re looking for Morey’s signature smiles…you’re barking mad!”

Christmas is over, now it’s time to get serious about Halloween… If you are…

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Still Shopping?

If you’re like me, you do your Christmas shopping in waves:

Wave 1- Before Christmas for the people you’re actually going to see on the days surrounding December 25th.

Wave 2- As needed after the holiday, but before New Years for the sprinkling of gatherings…

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Free Shipping on All Holiday Sale Purchases TODAY Only!

It’s a poorly kept secret that the Holiday Sale is the best time to get your Season Passes, waterpark tickets, MOR-EZ cards and more. Today, we’re helping our guests save even MORE on summer memories that will last a lifetime! Buy your…

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Black Friday Blues?

The crowds! The noise! All those heavy shopping bags to lug around! Who needs it? Our annual Holiday Sale begins on Monday with fantastic savings, FREE shipping (on purchases made Monday only) and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of…

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Where It All Began


Hello my name is Tony Deutsch from Watchthetramcarplease.com and it is my pleasure to be a guest blogger on the Beachfront Blog. I see that my good friend Read More

You Gotta Break Some Eggs to Make an Omelet


Ok, so there has been a little mystery about why we have so many cranes, bull dozers and concrete trucks on the beach recently.  Well, there are a lot of moving parts to this jigsaw puzzle… oh, and did I mention that money does not grow on trees?


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A “Haunted” Pier in the Middle of a Ghost Town

If you’ve never had the opportunity to take a stroll down the Wildwood boardwalk at night in late October, let me warn you that it’s pretty spooky all by itself. Imagine the complete opposite of a typical summer night: eerily silent except for gusts of wind, a few scattered…

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Scared Staff

No one is immune to the frightening sights at Morey’s FEARS. We caught some of our Beachfront Bloggers “enjoying” the Ghost Ship last weekend. If WE are this scared, what chance do YOU have?

Denise may be like a fish in the waterpark, but she entered…

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Come One! Come All! Be aMAZEd!

This weekend is your last chance to experience our two brand new Morey’s FEARS only attractions.

CornStalkers, a custom built haunted corn field filled with frightening scarecrows and other creatures, may be the only corn maze in the world located on a beach.…

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17 Reasons to Love Morey’s FEARS!

Don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our Facebook fans are saying about Morey’s FEARS- Terror on the Boardwalk! Join the conversation by liking Morey’s Piers and Read More

The Face of FEAR

As a roaming scarecrow actor in CornStalkers, an oceanfront corn maze attraction exclusive to Morey’s FEARS, my makeup was one of the most interesting styles. I had to look like I was made of straw and burlap to be a convincing…

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3 in You Win!

I’ve never won anything, but sometimes I like to play the games anyway. Ring Toss, Blockbuster, Quarter Pitch… there are a lot of options to get your game on at Morey’s Piers. And the prizes for those that do win can be impressive! On Tuesday August 16th,…

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A Different “Dip” at Raging Waters

All native Pittsburgh area folk like myself know that Heinz products may have 57 varieties. In the early 1890’s, they did carry over 57 different types of products. Today, the Pittsburgh-based food production company now makes…

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Dear Zombie… (An Advice Column From the Ghost Ship)

Hello all, it is time once again for the Ghost Ship blog. This time I thought I’d share with you some letters we recently received from some satisfied guests soliciting advice on future visits to the Ghost Ship. Think of this as a sort-of Ghost Ship Dear Abbey.

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Zombie Lost & Found and Other Ghost Ship Rules

Greetings all! Sorry so long since my last post; I’ve been busy training zombies. Now, it may seem that training zombies would not be all that difficult to do considering they have very little working brain matter left, but it’s hard to show them what to do when they’re…

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Summer’s in Full Swing!

The other day was the first day of summer, both Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters are open in full force. Saturday marks the beginning of our full season schedule. So what’s new and exciting up at the piers? Over the past couple of months we’ve told you about Read More

Oh What a Happy Father’s Day!

I myself lost my Father in 1998 and since then, Father’s Day has just not been the same.

But this Father’s Day was different. I got into work about 10AM and it was no different than any other day until we opened. There were Dads laughing and having fun with…

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rain Orr shine

Kathy Orr visited Morey’s on Thursday to kick off Memorial Day weekend with her 9th season of Orr at the Shore. Luckily for us and for the thousands of people that will flock to the island this weekend,…

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FAMiliarize Yourself


The Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA) organized an island-wide trolly tour on Friday, May 20th for a select group of…

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The Mascots of Morey’s: A History Part I

Before Sunny C. Gull and Curley Fry, Morey’s Piers had a few other crazy characters running around, posing for photos and making kids smile (or cower in terror if you’re one of those kids who are traumatized by giant animals waddling around awkwardly).

Long before my…

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Simulated Opening Day

I just walked back into my office after spending some time walking around Mariner’s Landing.  We’re currently in the process of conducting a simulated opening for the property. Our entire operations staff, from ride operators to facility managers, participate in this…

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Hosting Halloween: Morey’s Fears




We have an exciting announcement today!

Morey’s Piers will host an epic Halloween event for the first time ever. Read More

Going Deeper into the Ship

Things are definitely shaping up inside Ye Olde Ignis Fatuus. We are quite excited with the coming changes and think you will be, too! As ever, I am under pain of death if I give TOO much away, but what I can tell you is that our #1 goal is to make Ghost Ship a better, more immersive…

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What Do We Do All Winter?  Part 3

I’m back with another installment in my attempt to provide you with a peek of what goes on at Morey’s Piers during these cold, windy and in recent years, SNOWY months between October and April.  Today, I’ll be focusing on our Attractions Maintenance…

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What time is the 3:00 parade?

The title of this post “What time is the 3:00 parade?” is taken from Disney lore and is touted as being the most frequently asked question in the Magic Kingdom.  It may sound stupid, but it’s really not.  When a Guest asks this question, they really…

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Ghost Ship - Interview with Terry

Terry O’Brien, Manager of the Ghost Ship, discusses his first season’s ups and downs. Did you experience the Ghost Ship? What do you have to say about it?

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What Am I, Where am I From??

Exactly 24 hours…

...Until we open! This time tomorrow you can ride the rides on Opening Day 2010! Talk about bragging rights, right? Be the first to ride the Giant Wheel, Sea Serpent, Super Scooters and anything else on Mariner’s Landing. And don’t forget our Easter Day…

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Less than four weeks to go!

Till what? The opening of Surfside Pier! The pier that started it all will re-open Saturday, May 12. We’re hard at work cleaning, assembling, installing, testing, and training to provide you with another amazing season. If you’re in the area, you might be able to catch a…

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Yes, it snowed today… not that much, but more than enough. We were supposed to open at noon, but amusement rides really don’t like snow and wind chills in the 20’s very much (neither do our outstanding ride operators), so mother nature kept us closed. Click on the…

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