Dogs Take Over the Water Bark

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks’ famed puppy pool party returned to the boardwalk of Wildwoods, NJ.  On Sunday, September 13, 2015, Morey’s Piers’ “went to the dogs” opening the gates of Raging Waters Water Park to dogs.  For the third year in a row, 250 dogs splashed around for an evening of tail-wagging fun.

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Off The Grid with Steve Murwin

Who: Steve Murwin aka “Johnny’s Cousin Steve”

Where: Ocean Oasis Water Park & Beach Club When: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 12pm to 4pm Why:  Steve is one of our longest performing musician’s on Morey’s entertainment…

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Off The Grid with Bill Caterini



Who: Bill Caterini - A Wildwood, NJ native who is one of the longest tenured house musician’s at Morey’s Piers. Where: You can find Bill turning out tunes on his acoustic guitar at Ocean Oasis Water Park & Beach Club and at…

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Families Serving Families

It’s no secret that Morey’s Piers is a family owned business-serving thousands of families each season.  But did you know that our workforce is also made up of many families working in various departments throughout the company?  From entire families to siblings and…

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Weekend Recap: Proposal, Bands & Dogs

What do dogs, bands and wedding proposals have in common? Not at thing, but they all were here this Labor Day Weekend.

The weekend kicked off on Saturday with a flash mob wedding proposal on Mariner’s Landing Pier in front of the Giant Wheel…check out this video to…

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Plaster, People and Pools

Ever wondered how you get a 350,000-gallon pool ready to open?  Well with 750 bags of plaster that’s how! The 1,000 ft. long Endless River at Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club is receiving a fresh new look for this season and I must admit it is a pretty cool sight to…

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It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas…

Although with this weather who would know!?

So the weather has been uber nice, which has helped us do quite a bit in our efforts to get ready for 2013. Pirates of the Wildwoods is getting a new floor. Boat Tag is getting an overhaul, so much so that it sits in nice little rows…

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World Waterpark Association Recognizes Morey’s Piers Associate with Leadership Award

Prestigious “Employee of the Season” award Presented to Kevin Ebner in Las Vegas

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Morey’s Piers River Adventure Cardboard Boat Regatta

Immediately after the excitement of the WipeOut! Race, we took the festivities down to Raging Waters for the grand opening of River Adventure. Creative contestants built cardboard boats to…

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Morey’s Piers 1st Annual WipeOut! Charity Race

Curley’s Fry Eating Contest Returns!

It's that time again! Ladies and Gentlemen, are you hungry? Our annual Curley's Fry Eating Contest is returning to Joe's Fish Co. on July 4th at noon. At last year's event, the fries flew as contestants consumed over 150  pounds of Curley's Fries…

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Build a Boat for a Family 4 Pack!


To showcase our NEW River Adventure at Raging Waters we are hosting a little adventure of our own! On Thursday, June 14th join us for the Cardboard Boat River Regatta! We’re challenging up to 20 fans to build their own cardboard boat and put it to the ultimate test…

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Don’t Miss Out!

Thank you to everyone who came out over the weekend to celebrate with us! We hope you had a wonderful Easter and took advantage of the gorgeous weekend weather! If you couldn’t make it to the pier, don’t worry! There is still time to take advantage of our Spring…

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Tips for Getting Hired by Morey’s Piers

We have been collecting applications for several weeks now and we are about the begin setting up interviews. During my professional career, I have interviewed literally tens of thousands of applicants and have a few tips for  those of you looking for employment with…

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We Love to Hear From You!

At the end of Last summer TripAdvisor rated Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters among the Top 5 Waterparks in the country, and this is all thanks to all of you who have reviewed the waterparks on the site. I…

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Wipeout Construction Update- This Ain’t No Kiddie Slide!

One of the cool things about waterslide construction is that the assembly process goes by relatively quickly. Don’t get me wrong, a lot goes into the construction process and we have a talented and skilled team assembling Wipeout. But just about every day you can see some real…

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Morey’s Piers on Instagram

See Morey’s Piers from an entirely new angle. Follow us on Instagram for beautiful, vibrant photos from all over our parks. If you take an Instagram shot here this summer, be sure to tweet it and tag it with #moreyspiers so we can find it and add your photos to our Facebook…

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Some Presents Are Too Big To Fit Under The Christmas Tree!

With summer approaching, Christmas is a distant past. However it sure felt like Christmas today at Ocean Oasis when we were treated with a “little” delivery!

It doesn’t take a lot to get a waterpark manager excited this time of year which is why it was a…

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Jack’s Construction Blog: WipeOut Pile Driving

Jack stops by Ocean Oasis Waterpark + Beachclub to see the status of WipeOut. In Episode 3, Jack visits Billy Walters as he works with his team to drive the deep piles for the foundations that will support the WipeOut Racer Slide.


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Jack’s Construction Blog: Wiki Kiniki Waterworks

Take a ride with Jack Morey and see what we’re working on here at Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks. In Episode 2, Jack visits Pete Bieling and Son as they work on the Wiki Kiniki Waterworks at River Adventure.

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Jack’s Construction Blog: Concrete Carving

Take a ride with Jack Morey and see what we’re working on here at Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks in the first episode of Jack’s Construction Blog.

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The Art of FUN!

It’s hard to imagine what Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis will look like for the 2012 season with dust and bulldozers everywhere. To help inspire our engineers and architects, Jack commissioned Neal McPheeters, an accomplished local painter, to create high quality painted renderings…

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Finally… Let the Rockwork Begin!

After many months of research, planning, and preparation we have finally started to construct the walls and rockwork for the new River Adventure.

The research started with a visit to Disney’s Typhoon…

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From Jingle Bells to Buzz Saws

Just a few weeks ago, the air was filled with Christmas tunes and the warm scent of gingerbread. Alas, holidays have waned and workdays returned with the sounds of buzz saws and the scent of progress (or dust, but aren’t they the same thing really?).

At Raging Waters,…

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Video: Product Testing

Still Shopping?

If you’re like me, you do your Christmas shopping in waves:

Wave 1- Before Christmas for the people you’re actually going to see on the days surrounding December 25th.

Wave 2- As needed after the holiday, but before New Years for the sprinkling of gatherings…

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What If I Worked In A Bank Like My Plan?

Without a doubt I can tell you most of my colleagues fell into this profession. I’m pretty sure the general public does not sit in a statistics lecture when they are 20 years old and dream of working at an amusement park (I’m sure I do know one or two of them though).…

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Free Shipping on All Holiday Sale Purchases TODAY Only!

It’s a poorly kept secret that the Holiday Sale is the best time to get your Season Passes, waterpark tickets, MOR-EZ cards and more. Today, we’re helping our guests save even MORE on summer memories that will last a lifetime! Buy your…

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Black Friday Blues?

The crowds! The noise! All those heavy shopping bags to lug around! Who needs it? Our annual Holiday Sale begins on Monday with fantastic savings, FREE shipping (on purchases made Monday only) and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of…

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You Gotta Break Some Eggs to Make an Omelet


Ok, so there has been a little mystery about why we have so many cranes, bull dozers and concrete trucks on the beach recently.  Well, there are a lot of moving parts to this jigsaw puzzle… oh, and did I mention that money does not grow on trees?


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The Plot Thickens at Raging Waters…

Jack Morey has been back at Raging Waters just about every day during the past few weeks directing the “mystery” project that is taking place.  This is killing me!  What is going on?

So I decided to investigate a little and take a walk…

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How’s This for a DESIGN BUILD Project??

To the shrieking of my brother’s and our CFO’s voice, I just gotta tell you how much I love a design build project.

Pictured here is Pete Bieling, part of the infamous father and son team that successfully helped us to re-position the old Raging Waters at…

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Raging Waters Update…Interesting Developments!

I took a walk through Raging Waters Waterpark today while Jack Morey was on his lunch break and there is definitely something going on.  From what it looks like, there is major demolition work taking place in and around the Lazy River.  Some areas look like a wrecking ball hit…

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Sparks Are Flying!

Something is definitely happening at Raging Waters… Jack and I took a walk back the other day and the sounds of saws and hammers greeted us. Between all the noise and sparks flying everywhere, it was hard to hear him explain what’s going on… but he was very…

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What is Going on at Raging Waters???

Raging Waters closed for the season this past Sunday, so I was looking forward to a nice quiet week at work. But when I arrived at Raging Waters this morning, there was a full construction crew already hard at work throughout the waterpark.

I also…

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In the Books…

Ocean Oasis Waterpark + Beach Club closed for the season this past Monday.  As the manager of that facility, the days following a “closing-day” are always met with mixed emotions.  On one hand, walking into an empty waterpark today provided an…

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A Different “Dip” at Raging Waters

All native Pittsburgh area folk like myself know that Heinz products may have 57 varieties. In the early 1890’s, they did carry over 57 different types of products. Today, the Pittsburgh-based food production company now makes…

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Hurricane Irene: Putting the Waterparks Back Together Again!

Normally it takes about two weeks to put away all waterpark deck items such as lounge chairs, trash cans, umbrellas and signs…basically anything that is “on deck” during operation. On Friday August 26, both waterparks were prepped for Hurricane Irene in less than three…

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The Waterpark Bell

“Ding Dong”….. nope, that’s not someone at the door for dinner. It’s the sound you hear about every 5 minutes in Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks. When guests ask me what “that sound” is for, I like to have a little fun…. I have…

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Scanning 201

One of my best friends (and an absolute waterpark groupie) recently asked me, “Why do the lifeguards bob their heads? Is it to see the water from different angles?”

This was a very good question, and a pretty good guess at the answer. A few weeks ago my colleague…

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Hooray for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Tomorrow is probably the most anticipated holiday of the summer (right after Independence Day, of course)- it’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

How are you going to celebrate? Traditional…

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An Oasis in My Backyard

One of the many perks of working for Morey’s Piers is that when my day is over, I can slip into a swimsuit and step into paradise, which is just outside my office! The other day, I decided to melt away some stress in the sun at Read More

Whet Your Appetite at Raging Waters

What’s new at Wreckers Beach Grill? Located oceanfront inside Raging Waters waterpark, Wreckers is serving up some new dishes for the 2011 summer season.

New items include a Mediterranean Salad with goat cheese, mixed greens, romaine hearts, grape tomatoes, cucumbers,…

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Staff Meetings




Communication is pretty darn important when working with over 300 waterpark staff  across two Beachfront Waterparks.  So each morning before we open, and each evening after we close, we conduct brief staff…

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It’s Not the Latest Dance Craze

At least once a day I am asked the question, “Why are the lifeguards doing that thing with their heads?”  I have also heard this referred to as: head bobbing, head nodding, shaking their heads, acting like robots, and saying yes over and over again.  Trust me…

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Summer’s in Full Swing!

The other day was the first day of summer, both Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters are open in full force. Saturday marks the beginning of our full season schedule. So what’s new and exciting up at the piers? Over the past couple of months we’ve told you about Read More

Oh What a Happy Father’s Day!

I myself lost my Father in 1998 and since then, Father’s Day has just not been the same.

But this Father’s Day was different. I got into work about 10AM and it was no different than any other day until we opened. There were Dads laughing and having fun with…

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We Made It !!!

Having to open not one, but two beachfront waterparks presents a unique challenge for Team W.A.V.E.  Just about any other amusement facility in the world has to only get one waterpark open each season.  At Morey’s Piers, we have two!

As you would…

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The “Fine Art” of Amusement

I have often wondered, or challenged would be more accurate, the generally accepted definition of fine art.  It can be quite a testy little conversation based on who you have it with.  Below is the official dictionary definition followed by some comments on Wikipedia. Definition

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Familiar Faces

With a new season almost in full swing here at Moreys Piers, we are starting to see some familiar faces. Each day, we are reconnecting and re-friending those we have lost due to the long cold winter. It’s these kinds of faces we see every single day from Memorial Day Weekend till…

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Building the Foundation of a Great Team

Our annual waterpark orientation proved to be a great success once again this season. The day started at 9 AM, greeting the newest faces as they made their way onto the pier. Some looked excited, others anxious, and a few nervous. But the nerves soon subsided as packed house of…

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The Rocket Rafts are Rockin’....

Another great day at Raging Waters….the first slides are running!!!  These are the Rocket Rafts and they fired up without skipping a beat.  Opening weekend for Raging Waters is a week away and everything is…

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Picasso’s Worst Nightmare…

With a few days of decent weather finally upon us, pool painting at Raging Waters is well underway.  And the best part of painting a pool, or a lazy river, is that you really need to go out of your way to mess it up.  This is “down and dirty” mass painting with…

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The Mascots of Morey’s: A History Part III

One Down…

Our waterpark maintenance crew takes their jobs pretty seriously.  And today was a great day for Raging Waters as our crew was able to celebrate a small milestone in our pre-season opening process.  Our first pool at Raging Waters is now filled, filtered and…

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The Mascots of Morey’s: A History Part II

After Percy the Pelican‘s tragic demise and the Morey’s dissolution of their Raging Waters partnerships in Salt Lake City, which Morey Development of New Jersey operated from the early 1980s…

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We All Value Excellence

We play hard but we work even harder and the Platinum Safety Award, recently presented to Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks, is a testament to that. In 2010, only the top 10% of the 400 eligible waterparks worldwide received this distinction. This prestigious safety award…

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Wiping off the Dust…

Today is a momentus day for our two beachfront waterparks, at least for 2011.

This morning, at 7:00am sharp, our all-star waterpark maintenance team reported to Raging Waters to begin the eight week process of getting the waterparks ready for the 2011…

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Smiles….for only $25 million

This February is a special time for me as it marks my 14th anniversary working at Morey’s Piers.  14 years….and what A Wild Ride it has been….

My journey started all the way back…

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Heading Off to Camp…

One of the cool things about working in park operations is that you get to travel a little during the off-season.  A couple of conferences here and training symposiums there and you get the opportunity to “hit the road” a few times each winter. It’s a nice…

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...And You Thought Cleaning and Painting Your Pool at Home Was Hard!

Over the past few weeks, the waterpark maintenance team has been hard at work getting both waterparks ready for opening day! One of the large jobs done every spring is the cleaning and painting of all of the Splash Pools and Lazy Rivers. Overall, it takes about three months to prepare…

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Welcome to Morey’s Piers new Blog!

Well, we’ve finally made the jump. About time, eh? We all know what a blog is… nothing special, right? Wrong! This one will be special because it’s your pass to backstage at Morey’s Piers! We’ll be updating this blog regularly with stories, thoughts,…

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