Closing the Waterparks

October 1, 2013 by Kristel Fillmore in

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Closing the Waterparks

By: George Rohman

September and October are very interesting times for our waterparks.  While early September marked the traditional closing of our two beachfront waterparks, the work certainly didn’t stop, in fact, it just started.  Ok, maybe we all got a couple of days rest!  But after that, “Waterpark Shutdown 2013” went into full swing.

Typically we have a crew of around a half dozen workers that assist with shutting down our waterparks.  The first few weeks and “Phase I” of the process is mostly cleaning, inventorying and storing the many operational items that are used in the waterparks each summer.  And each Spring, we pull everything back out and do it all over again.

Many of you are used to what the waterparks look like during the summer; below is a sampling of what they look like shortly after closing each season.  Can’t wait for the summer of 2014 to get here!!!

Ever wonder what 500+ lounge chairs looks like?

The Activity Pool at Raging Waters isn’t that exciting when the Lilly Pads and 175,000 gallons of water are removed!

It takes dozens of umbrellas to provide shade at Ocean Oasis Waterpark +Beach Club

The Kiddie Areas at Raging Waters looks like a farm field missing all of the umbrellas and lounge chairs that fill it during the summer!

Each beachfront waterpark has over 100 trash cans to keep them clean!

It takes a lot of Lifeguard safety equipment to supply the over 200 Lifeguards Morey’s Piers Beachfront Waterparks train each season.

Soon, the cold, harsh winter will be upon us and sights like this will become more common…


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