Coastin’ By The Ocean

July 21, 2008 by Tim Samson in Events

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Now that we are all starting to recuperate from the weekend, I must comment! Last weekend Morey’s hosted an event called Coastin’ By The Ocean, it is a special event just for ride enthusiasts clubs and you cannot believe how much fun it is! The weekend included what those in the know call ERT (Exclusive Ride Time, which means the rides are closed to the general public and only open to those in the group). Dino Fazio, our Director of Pier Operations, chose the rides and apparently did a fantastic job because our guests for the event were thrilled and from comments received, loved it. There were also a couple of other special events included, but I won’t bore you with the details, other than the fact that I think all went smoothly and were enjoyed just as much.

So, to get to the point of all this….WE HAD FUN TOO! Our guests for this event are just the most enjoyable people and a complete blast to spend the weekend with, even at 1:00 in the morning riding the Great White in the dark after a long day of working in the heat and sun. Dino’s staff was amazing (even he was impressed – he is very particular about the vigilance of our operators, the cleanliness of the piers and friendliness of his staff) and even though he was working super hard (as always) for days on end, he had a great time as well. Kristel, as usual is the events coordinator extraordinaire and everything went off without a hitch (at least it appeared that way) with the exception of her falling and spraining her ankle (she’ll be fine). And Tim, what can I say…the artwork created for the presentation was truly amazing as usual (even though we almost dropped some on Will in the coaster shop, I think he is going to forgive us). Intern Kelly got her initiation into the world of special events at Morey’s and is currently on vacation this week to recuperate from working virtually 72 hours straight (the rest of us are used to it). “On The Drawing Board” a presentation and discussion with Will and Jack Morey was the hit of the weekend, and evidently they are missing their true calling as sitcom personalities (or in Jack’s case, any job that involves horsing around with small children… but we’re not really sure what he wants to be when he grows up)!

I have to say that I enjoyed this event so much, I felt like a guest in my own home. I think I speak for all of us here at Morey’s when I say that we are very much looking forward to Coastin’ 2009 (yes, we are already planning), and hope that our very special guests are as well!


Kelcey T says:

August 1, 2011 at 10:56 pm

dud i tottally want to do that that sounds like so much fun i was watching it on one of ur videos and saw the new coaster and what not really cool

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