Danielle’s Wild Ride Favorite: The Cliff Dive

June 19, 2014 by Tim Samson in

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Danielle’s Wild Ride Favorite: The Cliff Dive

Here’s me, all of four years old, rockin’ the pink life jacket, pink bathing suit, and of course…pink tube. As you can see I clearly took after my Mommom, the lovely platinum blonde in the early 90’s Raybands. I loved lounging with her in the Endless River, but I was born to be wild and couldn’t wait to grow out of that lifejacket and head to the Cliff Dive.

For years I watched my brother hike up the wooden staircase and take the plunge down the 5-story-high slide. As a kid it blew my mind. How are they not falling off?! Why aren’t they doing tumblesaults down the slide? I couldn’t understand it but I was dying to try.

All thrill-seekers at Ocean Oasis Water Park are in the line to head down the Cliff Dive. Eventually, I became one of them. Three seconds later and a rush to the head, I couldn’t wait to do it again. You’re just skin and bones held down by the weight of the world. It really is a wild ride.

Any and all fear of heights is out-the-window on this attraction. Guests need to be adventurous! There are no double-tube riders here, it’s single, brave riders only. If you’re not up to the challenge, I’ve freed up a tube for you in the Endless River!


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