Dear Zombie… (An Advice Column From the Ghost Ship)

Hello all, it is time once again for the Ghost Ship blog. This time I thought I’d share with you some letters we recently received from some satisfied guests soliciting advice on future visits to the Ghost Ship. Think of this as a sort-of Ghost Ship Dear Abbey.

Dear Morey’s Piers,

I recently went through the Ghost Ship. Great ride! 3 of my 4 sisters really enjoyed it. We’re sure the 4th one enjoyed it too, except she hasn’t come out yet. Can you look for her?


Waiting by the Exit Ramp

Ambler, PA

Dear “Waiting,”

While I am truly sorry you can’t find your sister, nowhere does it explicitly state on our signage that all guests who enter the Ghost Ship will exit. I’m afraid if you’d like to see her again you’ll have to buy 12 tickets like everybody else and venture through again.

New zombies tend to hang out in the Brig asking passing guests if they can help them escape. And I can tell you with great pride that we have an 84% zombie retention rate. The other 16% are… somewhere.

Dear Ghost Ship Guy,

Went through the ship July 4th weekend and it was AWESOME!

My only concern is this: when I entered the ride I had all 10 of my fingers and both legs. When I came out, I did not. Have you found any extra toes and/or limbs inside the ship?


Limpy McGee

Philadelphia, PA



Dear Limpy,

Hey, another guest from PA! All right! (Anyone noticing a pattern?)

All I can really tell you is that any lost items (cell phones, sunglasses, flip-flops, fingers or other digits, or limbs and torsos) are taken directly to Guest Services (located in the middle of the pier behind the Tea Cups) at the end of the night. The ones that aren’t eaten, that is.

And here’s an inside tip: it always helps to have an identifying birthmark or tattoo you can give them at Guest Services. Otherwise they may not give your parts back.

To Whom it May Concern,

My family and I went through the Ghost Ship last weekend and it.. was… AMAZING! It was so scary that my wife hasn’t been the same since. It’s like she has Ghost Ship Fever or something! LOL! Chills, cold sweats, grey skin, and when she nibbles on my ear, she REALLY nibbles on my ear! Ha!

Anyway, is there something you prescribe?

Tom from New York.


Dear Tom from New York.

My prescription is this: Fire.

And lots of it.

That’s all we have space for this week. If YOU have any questions you’d like answered in future blog posts, why feel free to email them to me. Because I’m not busy or anything…


laura says:

August 15, 2011 at 4:17 pm

dear ghost ship,
      i am stuck in side…...lol….when do the zombies let m out???
ps. ghost ship ROCKS!!!!

Susan says:

January 16, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Dear Laura,

We will let you out when we are done with you and if you are hinding from us then we will find you…..we dont like when people hind from us zombies we get mad…...so if you are hinding you better find a way out soon if not we will find you and who knows what will happen if we do find you….you better hope i dont find you inside our ship…....... BE CAREFUL I WILL FIND YOU,,,,,,,LAURA…......LAURA…...LAURA…


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