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November 14, 2007 by Tim Samson in

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It just occurred to me (yet again), how very fortunate I am. Every day I walk up the boardwalk to our offices here on Mariner’s Landing Pier and am blessed with the most beautiful view that one could ask for!

It reminds me that I could be sitting in an office (or worse yet, a cubicle) in the middle of a grey city with only tall buildings and unhappy people to look at. But here I am looking out of the window at the ocean and the beach, the sun is shining and it is a lovely, peaceful November day. The only sounds on the pier are those of the maintenance crew shutting down after a perfectly beautiful summer.

In the summer the building vibrates with the rumble of the Sea Serpent and the screams of joy and laughter of the families who are our Guests here. They have only a brief opportunity of a weekend or a vacation to enjoy what we are fortunate enough to live with every day. In the winter I listen to the very humbling sound of the wind and surf surrounding us and am reminded of how very small and vulnerable we are. And something is missing…that distinctive boardwalk smell. The combination of fried foods, pizza, cotton candy, suntan lotion, and the ocean. The lights and rides and the excitement are shut down for the season. But that’s ok, because this is the “alone” time that we have to prepare for the return of our Guests in the spring.

The smells, the sights, the sounds, of the boardwalk and the amusements change with every season, but every season is a pleasure, from the excitement to the calm.

Just a thought.


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