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February 3, 2011 by Kristel Fillmore in


Working at Morey’s Piers has it share of perks and privileges, not the least of which is season passes for our family.  As of mother of four, this benefit has been especially nice.  Not only do my kids get to enjoy the amusement piers and water parks at their leisure, which is a cool deal for them, but it also has elevated my status in their eyes to something of a superhero, which is a cool deal for me.

Now it’s important to point out here that my husband and I like to keep the kids somewhat grounded.  And so they don’t go down the path to entitlement, as we make sure that our visits to the piers are special occasions, i.e., “don’t expect to go to the piers every single day of the week, and remember your season pass is a privilege – not a right” (those exact words have left my mouth a time or ten over the years.)

So, to make our visits an occasion we’ve started some family traditions.  And since the Jersey Shore is ripe with family traditions (families vacationing at the shore generation after generation, staying in their favorite motel, going to the beach at the familiar street end, and eating ice cream at the parlor on the corner – you know what I mean) we figured it would work for us.  Our children range in age from 17 to 6, and ever since the seventeen year old started kindergarten we’ve been coming to the piers on the last day of school to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer.  We go on the rides on all three piers and snack on Curley’s Fries or funnel cake (we go for the entire Boardwalk experience.)  One year it rained and the kids were distraught.  We tried to tell them, hey, it’s OK, we’ll just go tomorrow night, but they were still surprisingly upset because it wasn’t THE last day of school – that’s how ingrained this annual pilgrimage to the piers has become for them. (They got over it the next night by the time they finished that first slice of Jumbos’ pizza.)

We come up to Morey’s Piers a few times throughout the summer, usually with cousins and friends in tow, but everyone looks forward to our annual farewell to summer – Labor Day.  Every year we head up to Ocean Oasis for their last operating day which is really more like “locals only” day at the water park.  The weather is nearly always gorgeous (September always is), and the kids have a blast enjoying the slides and pools one last time with their siblings and friends.  This year our six year old managed to work up the nerve to go down the Shot Gun Falls water slide.  He was so proud of himself he declared next year, when he’s seven, he’s going to do it again, and not be even a little bit scared.

Yes, Morey’s Piers has created some wonderful family traditions and memories for my family, and hopefully, we’ve done the same for you and yours.

What are your family traditions at Morey’s Piers?



Katie G says:

February 3, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Every summer we go down for a week. We go to the beach everyday, then we walk no the boardwalk every night. Once a week , every year, we have a ride night. We take the tram car all the way down from the south end to the north end. We get off, eat dinner at Sam’s Pizza, then we go on rides all night. i look forward to it every year!

Mike says:

February 3, 2011 at 11:16 pm

Every year I try to break my record for the number of times on the Sea Serpent in one day. 40 times was my record this past summer. The lines got too long once it got dark… so I had to stop.

shantel says:

February 9, 2011 at 1:04 pm

ive been coming to wildwood since i was a little girl. i love the beach and the boardwalk along with all the rides. i am now able to pass the on to my girl who is 17. each year she brings a friend with her and they seem to enjoy it too. they say its more fun than oc, md. i hope that she will continue this with when she becomes a mother.  she loves the new stay and play pass that moreys offers at the motel we stay in. whoever design that should be given a raise. lol. we dont have to rush in the water parks to then eat dinner to then use up all the ride tickets. her and her friend can take their time and enjoy all of what morey’s and wildwood have to offer and mom and dad can enjoy their time together. as for traditions just coming to wildwood for 30+ years you could say its my summer home for a few days each year!!!! of course the ride i miss the most was the “mine ride” and all the other rides on hunts pier.  the keystone cops, the jungle boat ride, the walk thru ship, the train ride that went under the old wooden roller coaster. wish they would bring them back. everyone likes to drive an old antique car and ride the train

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