Fear Sets Sail at Mariner’s Landing

August 15, 2013 by Tim Samson in

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Fear Sets Sail at Mariner’s Landing

The Ghost Ship has washed ashore from the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean and docked on Morey’s Piers. Since 2010, the ship has haunted guests, sending their screams echoing across Mariner’s Landing. Its massive and ghostly presence urk the visitors as they walk by, and only the brave dare to take a peek at what’s inside. If that’s you, then you’ve seen the crewmembers in all their misery. Their lives were ruined, bodies altered, and minds brainwashed by the Philadelphia Experiment.  Now, they’re taking their aggression out on the living. Brace yourself… for the 8 ghosts who are continuously spotted LOVE to play tricks. Some hide in boxes, while others’ peer around dark corners. Those who aren’t so polite may follow you as you walk all two stories of the decrepit ship. If you dare to walk the plank, they're dying to meet you. 



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