Global Evolution

Every year we strive to improve the piers and waterparks, whether we're bringing something new and exciting to the parks or refurbishing an old favorite. One of the most notable changes might be our iconic globe at the front of Mariner's Landing. It's received several facelifts over the years as you can see.

In the late 90's, we were hoping to change the look of the globe seasonally. It was a brilliant and well-intentioned idea... but maybe you're like us and find yourself in April with icicle lights dripping from your rooftop and a deflated inflatable Santa lying in your front yard. The Jack-o-lantern the Bielings painted looked fantastic... until the May flowers started popping up!

For years after that, the globe was home to our towering Mariner. The globe itself wore a lovely shade of pastel lemon with our logo wrapped around the sides.

The Mariner steered us through several years, sunny days and stormy seas until we decided to keep it Sunny up there, literally! Sunny has been splashing around up there for a few years in his inner tube. We thought it was about time to brighten up his beach ball.

Come check out the photo op and share your shots on instagram with #SunnySpotting!


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