Hollywood Comes to Morey’s Piers, Now the Tram Car Goes to Hollywood

October 20, 2009 by Tim Samson in News

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This past September, you may remember, we were invaded by a bunch of “Hollywood” types to film the Wildwood Boardwalk and Morey’s Piers.

Here’s the rest of the story…Once upon a time, Oscar-winning scribe, Dustin Lance Black (Milk), wrote a screenplay entitled, “What’s Wrong with Virginia.” The film is to star Jennifer Connelly playing a charming, but psychologically disturbed mother of a 16-year old son. She has a 20-year clandestine love with a man running for sheriff (who was to be played by Liam Neeson, but this fell through after the passing of his wife). Now the relationship between Connelly and the sheriff is really tested when her son begins a relationship with his daughter.

As it happens, some of the film’s action is written on a boardwalk, in front of an amusement park, as Jennifer Connelly is driving a tram car! Now, here’s how the story really get’s interesting: Dustin Lance Black had some great times at Morey’s Piers and the Wildwood boardwalk, and so, when he needed a tram car and an amusement park for the film, guess who he calls?

Yes, this explains why TicTock Studios spent a beautiful Indian Summer day driving the tram car up the boardwalk, and a full Saturday night filming on Morey’s Piers. Some of you were called as extras…as you rode the Tram car, the Giant Wheel, the Musik Express, and the Wave Swinger.

All this sets the stage for today’s newspaper story, which explains why the Wildwood Tram car is being sent to a studio in Michigan: See the story here:

Stay tuned, as we follow the story to find out how Jennifer does with the Tram car, and who plays her Sheriff….


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