Homemade Goodies at La Bakerie, Bon Appétit!

July 22, 2014 by Tim Samson in

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Homemade Goodies at La Bakerie, Bon Appétit!

Bonjour à tous! Comment allez-vous? Nous sommes bien à Morey’s Piers! Okay so if you’ve lost your high school French skills, it’s no big deal. La Bakerie on Mariner’s Landing puts an American twist on a European patisserie. Their specialty? Crepes of course! As with everything at Morey's Piers, we give it a wild twist. 

Everything is made-to-order at La Bakerie. They have your seashore favorites like funnel cakes and cotton candy, but their boardwalk goodies are on a whole different level. The staff is trained to cook all the sweets at your request. They’ll whip, dip, fry, and flip a dozen mini donuts right in front of your eyes!




Anyway—back to the crepes. It’s not a crepe stand without a giant jar of Nutella! Since we’re doing this Morey’s style, we had to invent our own too. Drum roll please…S’mores, Strawberry Caramel Cheese Cake, AND Coco Banana! Not to worry though, we still keep the French technique. Oui oui! 

Watch Danielle as she takes on Foodie Friday at La Bakerie. She’ll show you step-by-step how the S’mores is done. It's a Morey's Piers specialty! Follow in her footsteps up to the royal blue concession stand, represented by the mustached mascot, and try out La Bakerie for yourself.










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