Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Rubber Ducks and Port-a-Potties

February 20, 2012 by Kristel Fillmore in

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On a regular day in the summer I deal with food, weird entertainment and toilets. Who else can say that? The food and toilets…sure, but I’m going to throw rubber ducks into the mix now too. I mean, some times I sit at my desk and wonder how this happened. I jokingly call myself the official port-o-potty location picker of Morey’s Piers, but in fact, I am! My last blog about the fancy parties I get to attend doesn’t come without my share of trash clean up, toilet duty and drying out thousands of rubber ducks after they swim in the Lazy River (now called the Adventure River). I am not at all complaining because on any given day I’d take my job over any of my friends’ boring office jobs, but I also didn’t want to paint a false impression of the fabulous life of a special events planner either.


See you at the port-a-potty,



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