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October 24, 2008 by Kristel Fillmore in

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I know what you’re thinking, that we must be sitting back and taking it easy since the Piers and Waterparks are closed…yes, I understand, it’s a common thought, but mark my word, this is not the case at all…In Events and Entertainment, we’re planning new events and using our creativity to give our annual events a facelift…

Meanwhile, the Corporate Sales Department is networking at functions, visiting clients and closing out accounts…The Marketing Department is gearing up for the Holiday Sale advertising campaigns… The Recruiting Department is already in Thailand recruiting employees for next year! All while the accounting department is getting reports done and putting together the 2009 budgets…and that is only what’s going on upstairs…

Outside they are cleaning up and breaking down for the winter…they are closing up the games, power washing the trash cans, boarding, covering and even moving rides (yes the Super Scooters from Surfside Pier are on the beach at Mariner’s Landing Pier right now).

All the while, the city is tearing down the boardwalk in front of Mariner’s Landing for Phase One of the boardwalk reconstruction project. But don’t worry; you can still buy your tickets during the Holiday Sale at the Blue Palms Motel on the corner of Atlantic and Lincoln Avenues starting December 1st!

See you at the shore!



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