I think Morey’s Piers & Hospitality may be Santa’s Workshop

December 19, 2007 by Tim Samson in

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I am supposed to be working on a budget or something, but it just dawned on me! I think I work at Santa’s workshop. Seriously, think about it. Few businesses embrace the spirit of the holidays – all year long – better than these two. Now you don’t know this company like I do, so let me break it down…

-At Morey’s Piers, every single ride in each park is fully lit. But most notably, The Giant Wheel shimmers like a Christmas tree which I hear now can be seen from space.
Coincidence or a way to navigate home?

-We’re located on the largest beaches in North America.
With ample room for take-off and landing, not to mention, convenient access to the rest of the WORLD!!!!

-Speaking of the world. Where do we recruit most of our seasonal help? From all over the globe.
It is almost like we’ve got connections…like we know who is naughty or nice. But more interesting is the fact that, by design, we operate our business in the season completely opposite Santa’s busy season.

-We are obsessed with slides. We have dozens: The Giant Slide, Rocket Raft Run, Cliff Dive, Side Winders, Riptide Rapids…
What’s this obsession with sliding fast?

-Many of our rides have to do with flying. We’re completely overhauling the seats on the The Great Nor’Easter so you can feel more like you are flying.
How does anyone here know what it feels like to fly?

-And what’s with all the heights? Everything is huge. A few rides like AtmosFEAR are 150 feet in the air.
Could these be the elves watch towers?

-Many new rides are studied and tested in the Netherlands and around Europe.
What’s with all the trips abroad and who else do you know that originates from the Netherlands? Can you say Sinterklaas?

-We specialize in lighting up children’s faces with glee.
No joke here – anyone who has put their child on a kiddie ride can attest. It takes a special kind of magic to make that happen.

-We’re obsessed with plastic palm trees. We buy them. We “plant” them and we hope that people gather near them in the warm summer sun.
Santa plants gifts under trees. Hopes people gather near them. And, he counts on the fireplace to warm those near and dear.

-And perhaps a more telling Clausian attribute would be that we deal in the hotel business. As in INNS!
That’s one good way to make sure there is always room. After all, if no one else remembers why we celebrate December 25th Santa does.

-Now the thing that makes The Morey Organization most like Santa is its charitable giving which they do quietly – all year long – and without wanting a lot of attention drawn to them.
Sound like anyone you know? Hint: He wears a red suit, sneaks into children’s homes and leaves gifts under the cloak of night.

-Most important and most telling – everyone is too busy right now to blog (wink, wink…like Santa) but they relayed to me the following:

“The Morey Family and all of its Associates want to wish each of you the most sincere and happiest Christmas and New Year filled with peace, love, joy and health. Plus, a special thanks for all of your support over the last four decades.”

“HO, HO, HO” – errr…uhhh….that was me, sorry.

-Lisa Fagan, Marketing Manager


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