Introducing Danielle!

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Introducing Danielle!

Hello world! I’m Danielle Konefal, one of the newest Marketing Interns at Morey’s Piers. I’m a P.A. native, but my heart has always been at the Jersey Shore. I’ve recently graduated from The University of Tampa (I can’t stay away from beaches) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations. I haven’t taken the leap into the real world just yet though. In the fall I will be traveling over to Bordeaux, France where I will pursue my Master’s Degree in Marketing. I have a severe case of the traveling bug, and I never plan on curing it.

Traveling started for me with the constant 2 hour drives from Bucks County, P.A. to Wildwood, N.J. starting at only 3 months old. After several years of torturing my parents with “are we there yet?” I began to love the drive, because I knew rides, ice cream cones, and lots of seashells were waiting for me. Even 22 years later, I still smile at the sight of the ferris wheel when I drive over the bridge into North Wildwood. It may only be a five-mile island, but it’s a crazy, fun place that I call home.

From a young age, Morey’s Piers has always been a significant part of my life. As a child, every morning my Pop-pop and I would strap on our helmets and make our way up to the boardwalk. He’d play his radio, I’d complain about his 1940’s jams, and we’d laugh and peddle until I was ready to stop somewhere for chocolate chip pancakes (still my favorite). For the rest of the day I’d nag my parents when we would go ride the rides, I’d be the first one dressed and half way out the door. Even as a pre-teen, Morey’s was the first place I could go by myself. I met friends there, who to this day, I am still close with. When I started college, I would work every summer on the boardwalk at Route 66 Restaurant; to me nothing was better than having a front-row firework show by Morey’s Piers every Friday night.

Now, having just graduated, here I am today, interning at Morey’s Piers! It only makes sense, right? I’m looking forward to what this chapter brings. Here’s to another summer in Wildwood!


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