Meet Marketing Intern Emily

July 7, 2016 by Kristel Fillmore in

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Meet Marketing Intern Emily

This summer will be the 13th year I’ve had the pleasure of living in Wildwood. My family was originally from Philadelphia. (Yes, I was once a shoobie) Starting in 1st grade, and ending as a senior in high school, I always had the advantage of going to an extremely small school. Since the 8th grade, I have wanted to become a famous writer and director. Well, I can dream right? One of my main goals is to work behind the camera doing anything. I care more about experiences and living life, rather than getting paid a million dollars.

Although I live in a resort town, it hasn’t always been a vacation day. When I was 13 I began my first job working as a busser at a breakfast place. From then on out, I worked as a busser, waitress, and even did counter service. I would have never guessed that going on a school field trip would have change my life in such a positive way. While eating lunch on the trip, I had the pleasure of sitting with Kristel. She talked to me about looking into becoming an intern. I had assumed internships would be something I needed to encounter during college, but never once thought about starting one as senior in high school.

There is a lot more to Morey’s Piers than what the public imagines. There is a behind the scenes aspect that really drew me into wanting the job I now have.
Working as a Marketing PR intern for Morey’s Piers has definitely been a culture shock. There is a new face every day, I don’t always go home smelling like fried food, and I seldom have to clean up dirty plates. One thing’s for sure, when I am asked what I do every day at work, I am never able to give a specific answer.

From cookie decorating, surveying, giving apples to JDRF runners, boxing up cupcakes; to sitting in a news van, meeting news anchors, and transforming into the Curley Fry, it has been an interesting and different experience. My job has not been an ordinary ‘nine to five’ office job. Yes, there are some boring days, but for the most part, I stay pretty active.
I never thought that a girl,  just coming out of high school would have the opportunity of becoming an intern so early in life. So far this summer I have had the advantage of meeting people, and doing things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do while working in a restaurant.

Somedays, when I can’t find parking and there is a huge line in Wawa, I really hate living in a resort town. Then, I come to my senses and remember that very few people get to grow up 5 blocks from the beach and an amazing boardwalk. I am reminded that I have been able to work from the age of 13. I realize that growing up in a small town and small school gave me even more of a chance for success. Working as a Marketing Intern for Morey’s Piers has opened a great deal of doors for me. I really am one lucky 18-year-old girl.


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