Morey’s Fears Just Wasn’t Enough

December 23, 2011 by Kristel Fillmore in


Morey’s Fears was a lot of work. And also a lot of fun. Buying decorations, installing decorations and working the evenings we were open was a blast. But some of us just had to see more. For many years many of us had been visiting other theme parks and attractions during October. That’s a long story saved for another blog, but for 2011, I had the ghoulish pleasure to visit some area attractions near and far. My fiance’ Trish and I hit the road to explore.

In Bucks County north of Philadelphia, I experienced 2 attractions at Shady Brook Farms. The corn maze that ended through a human butcher shop barn and a real live barn converted into a haunted farmhouse. Their attraction also had a huge fire pit with smores kits for sale and an assortment of games, including air guns, like we use in Boat Tag on Adventure Pier. But instead of yellow balls, they were shooting tomatoes and ears of corn at targets. Groovy.

Sesame Place, also in Bucks County, has a family friendly daytime event that’s not scary at all, but pretty fun. Seeing Cookie Monster and Elmo in costume doesn’t fool me, but the long line of kids waiting to decorate pumpkins sure did.

After seeing it on the Travel Channel many times, and we had to visit the Bates Motel. We arrived just after the pre-Halloween snow that surprised many parks on the East Coast, and the snow and mud did not deter long lines. The hayride is long and very well done, and carries a pulse thumping soundtrack throughout the woods. The haunted trail through the cornfields and a makeshift village will test even the heartiest hikers. The Bates Motel itself, well, you will just have to decide. I decided to go with a VIP Pass, as this place is famous for long lines.

The first weekend of November, I was back in my hometown of Monongahela, in Western PA, was also home to Demon House. I never knew the mansion I drove by was actually a haunted attraction. Demon House was open, but tours were totally dark. Guests were given glow sticks to carry to guide them. Walking through an actual mansion on narrow steps, through basements, and dodging ghosts and even a giant mechanical dog was well worth it.

In September, we spent the day with an old friend, the Ohio Turnpike, and arrived at Cedar Point. This park has been entertaining guests since the 1870 and scaring guests since 1997. I happened to be there that first year. I also happened to work there in 1990, and loved every day. Cedar Point’s newest ride, the 301 ft tall Windseeker didn’t have any lines, but their 4 haunted houses and 6 scare zones sure did. You will encounter such chills as life sized toys out to kill, clowns gone amuck, scarecrows who care to scare and hundreds of zombies looking for new recruits. Cedar Point has an actual ride graveyard, and while this theme park has lasted 141 years, many rides have not.  It’s good to have all the haunting memories.


Wildwood, NJ says:

December 23, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Cedar Point is awesome.

Karen Whalen says:

December 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm

don’t sell yourself short…..my daughter and i were just talking about what a great time we had at Morey’s Fears and we are still overwhelmed at what an amazing adventure it was!  not that we would expect anything less from Morey’s but it was truly one of the best times we’ve had in Wildwood!  we’re looking forward to going again in 2012!!!!  i wouldn’t worry about those other places - they’re not in Wildwood!

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