My Car is a Clown Car

April 18, 2013 by Tim Samson in Events

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A clown car might not be the best way to describe my car.

It's more like a carnival in there and now the service department at Shore Toyota knows it. Of course, my Prius decides to breakdown the day before our Annual Associate Recognition Program. This is no normal "let's have lunch for our associates to thank them for another great year;" this is a full blown production. We have AV presentations, game shows, lighting, music, slush puppies, fog and other weird stuff for gag gifts every year. It's about meeting new associates and honoring those who have been with the company for 15, 20, 25 years or longer.

When I say honor, I mean honor & roast them because when you work for one company that long you have made mistakes people remember or have little quirks that people notice about you.

With all that being said, Chris, my service guy says to me, "Make sure you get anything out of your car that you might need the next few days."

I reply, "No, I'm fine. WAIT! AARP is tomorrow! I have lots of stuff to get out!" So he offers to help me with all my belongings and I start digging. I pull out an empty cotton candy box to load everything up which includes 3 clown masks, 3 clown noses, a blonde wig, a brunette wig, 200 name tags, multiple clipboards, one of those HUGE containers of cheese puffs and a box of balloons. I feel the need to explain myself to him.

"Chris, I am an event planner. All of this stuff is for an event I have tomorrow. I don't eat cheese curls all day. I don't rob banks with these masks and wigs. Ummm." Now I am just uncomfortable.

Chris just smiled and said, "Yea. Yea." Clearly not believing me, but being as professional as possible. I, of course, am going to have to pick my car up at some point and face him again. Thanks Morey's Piers and the Annual Associate Recognition Program for making me look crazy!


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