My Top Ten Summer Memories

October 20, 2014 by Kristel Fillmore in Events

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My Top Ten Summer Memories






10. Reggae Sundays at Stubborn Brothers Beach Bar & Grille

9. WildWOD MURPH on Memorial Day at Adventure Pier. No, I didn’t complete it but it was fun watching all of the CrossFit athletes honoring Navy Seal, Lt. Michael Murphy.

8. Pumpkin decorating at the Closing Day Celebration.

7. The United Way’s Rubber Ducky Regatta at Raging Waters. Rubber Ducks in the Adventure River for a good cause always puts a smile on my face.

6. Escape the Cape by DelMo Sports (it can’t all be about work all of the time) Yes, that’s me jumping off the ferry! Our PR Manager and big time triathlete, Maggie Warner did it with me!

5. The DJ Dance Party at the Season Pass Member Picnic.

4. Spending the day with the Philly Phanatic. Go Phillies!

3. The Wild Half Marathon & 8K, yup that's me!

2. Dog Day at Raging Waters Water Park even though my dog missed the event, seeing all the dogs swimming around and having the time of their lives was so much fun!

1. Riding the Spring Shot with our Operations Director, Dino Fazio (there might be a video of this in the future)


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