New Finale for The Ghost Ship

July 5, 2010 by Tim Samson in News

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We have learned a lot since the Ghost Ship opened Memorial Weekend, and the ship itself has undergone a fair amount of change. Because the crew is made up of live bodies, they are always changing their behavior to present newer and scarier material to visitors. The flexibility that the crew has is a huge part in making sure the attraction remains compelling. We have been adding things to the attraction hoping to improve it, but one area that we agreed we blew it on was the ending…….. well, that is about to change.

Construction is underway on a new scene that will deviate from the rest of the attraction. Lead designer Russell Bethea has miraculously found some hidden space to create a horrific new finale. The scene is being built by Morey’s in-house spook therapist, Anthony Canzano and local hauntepreneur, Eric Prinz.

It is not too late however to make suggestions for what you feel should be included in this scene. Feel free to express any other ideas you may have, as this is live theatre and change is part of the recipe…



anthony foti says:

September 8, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Hi love the Ghost Ship! We are season pass holders and have been for years ! I have been in it many times with my family. I have seen when a gest grabs the arm of some one in there group and that person jumps when that hapens the guests around them also get a scare. Why dont you guys have one of your actors dress as a guest let the blend in with the other guest and one of your scary actors might pull them in to a doorway so the guest would think they may be next and realy be scared while walking through !I had seen this years ago at a halloween fest at a farm in pa. evey one loved it !!!

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