NPR’s This American Life Visits Morey’s

August 8, 2011 by Tim Samson in

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A couple weeks ago, we had a visit from Jonathan Goldstein who is a journalist for NPR’s This American Life, which is a weekly hour-long radio program that features primarily journalistic non-fiction along with memoirs, essays, field recordings and short fiction. Jonathan wanted to visit Wildwood because he actually spent a summer here in the early 80’s working at the arcade on (what is now) Adventure Pier. He wanted to come back to see how and if the arcade world has changed.

Tune in on August 12th to hear more. The segment will be available that Sunday for download on iTunes or This American Life’s website.

Above, Bob Honafius plays during the daily skee-ball special. Bob has accumulated over 16 MILLION points –– yes, 16,000,000 points –– since 1999 (our computer system doesn’t have the points recorded from before then).


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