Oh What a Happy Father’s Day!

I myself lost my Father in 1998 and since then, Father’s Day has just not been the same.

But this Father’s Day was different. I got into work about 10AM and it was no different than any other day until we opened. There were Dads laughing and having fun with their children. They were rushing  to the waterpark. There were Dads getting on the rides and laughing and having the time of their lives. Yes, everyone, it was Father’s Day here at Morey’s Piers. I have worked for this company for over 40 years, but I must say that this was the BEST Father’s Day ever here at Morey’s Piers. For the first time, we gave all of the Fathers free reign of our Piers and Waterparks. They were all having fun and as I watched them enjoying their day I had great memories of me and my Dad enjoying Father’s Day together. I am hoping that someday all the children that enjoyed Father’s Day with their Dads at Morey’s Piers can look back  and smile and remember this absolutely wonderful day.

I want to thank all of the Dad’s that stopped by Guest Services to tell us what a great time they had today. We hosted nearly 2,000 fathers yesterday. I also want to thank John for the wonderful email that you sent but most of all I want to thank Jack and Will Morey for the best Father’s Day that I have had since 1998.


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