Our Dollar Dogs are a Home Run!

Our Dollar Dogs are a Home Run!

Batter Up! We are hitting it home with our dollar dogs this year. The stand on Mariner's Landing is new and improved and the perfect stop for the 4th of July. Phillies phans will be happy to see their favorite baseball team's logo and to get a little taste of the game.

It's a great buy on the boardwalk. Family of five? That's a $5 lunch right there! Morey's knows that every now and then you need a little ball park pick-me-up. The deliciousness doesn't stop there either. If hot dogs just aren't your thing, or you're craving something else, the dollar dog stand has soft pretzels and churros too. We recommend you wash it down with our signature Lemon Shake-Up.

If you see Ed and Dory, Morey's cutest food stand duo, you are definitely in good hands. They give great service with even greater smiles; everyone loves a friendly mom and pop team! Let Dory know that you saw her in the video below and make sure you tell her she's famous now. 







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